The Arizona Creative Communities Institute (AZ CCI) is an initiative of the Arizona Commission on the Arts and Arizona State University’s Herberger Institute for Design and the Arts, with guidance from Southwest Folklife Alliance, an affiliate nonprofit of the University of Arizona.


In 2017, initiative partners issued a call for small teams representing Arizona cities, towns, and neighborhoods to join an inaugural AZ CCI cohort. Nine teams were selected.

Composed of diverse members of represented communities, teams participated in intensive training and multidirectional mentorship, and received funding support for community-engaged arts-based projects that were devised and implemented in locations across the state.

AZ CCI teams became part of an active learning network, with opportunities to learn from and with local and national experts, as well as peers from other Arizona cities, towns, and neighborhoods.

For 2+ years, AZ CCI teams and partners learned together—artists and community leaders, educators, dedicated residents, business owners, and service providers—all sharing expertise in an evolving creative collaboration.

Collaborators, Mentors & Presenters

Click here for a list of persons affiliated with the AZ Creative Communities Institute as team mentors, subject matter resources, session presenters, and initiative partners at any point in the 2+ year engagement. Listed affiliations are not comprehensive.


AZ CCI: Partners

The Arts Commission is committed to providing arts opportunities for all Arizonans and recognizes that partnerships are critical to its efforts. To that end, the Arts Commission engages in partnerships with arts-focused service organizations at the local, regional and national level.