AZ Creative Aging is an ambitious and comprehensive initiative of the Arizona Commission on the Arts that will build a creative aging infrastructure to enhance quality of life for older Arizonans. With funding from Virginia G. Piper Charitable Trust, AZ Creative Aging will provide training to teaching artists, arts organization and aging/healthcare service providers, support the development of high-quality arts programs for older adults and embed creative aging knowledge and best practices in the community.

Virtual Conversations & Convenings

In the coming weeks, the Arizona Commission on the Arts will host or cohost several online conversations and convenings. We will add to the list below as new events are scheduled.

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Generation(s) Lab was an incubator program for arts organizations with a committed interest in better serving Arizona’s older adults by strengthening existing programs and/or developing new initiatives. The AZ Creative Aging initiative is developed around the core principles of a process-based approach, cultural responsiveness and participatory, meaningful engagement. Generation(s) Lab explored these ideas as they relate to the work of arts organizations, helps organizations discover natural connections between existing programs and older adult participants, and equips organizations with new frameworks and ideas for developing, expanding, or deepening creative aging partnerships and initiatives. By combining professional development, needs assessments and customized trainings and consultations, Generation(s) Lab was designed to encourage experimentation, meet the needs of participating organizations, and help each organization develop a plan that aligns with their organizational mission. 11 arts organizations participated in the Generation(s) Lab pilot year:

The first programmatic module of the three year AZ Creative Aging initiative, the Teaching Artist Institute was a comprehensive training program that introduced teaching artists to the variety of settings, programs, and partners that make up the creative aging field, and provided skills-building activities for participants to attain the specialized knowledge needed to work successfully with older adults. 10 teaching artists were selected to participate in the Teaching Artist Institute’s pilot year. A second cohort began its training in October 2017.

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Creative Aging

Creative Aging is a national movement to advance understanding of the vital relationship between creative expression and healthy aging, and a term used to encompass the many types of quality arts programs which support and enrich the lives of adults across the aging spectrum.

Decades of research have found that older adults are healthier and happier when participating in creative aging programs. Among the findings: fewer doctor visits and less medication use for study participants engaged in professionally-conducted arts activities; improved cognitive measures; and self-reported higher morale and less social isolation.

At any stage of life, our sense of well-being is affected by our ability to live with purpose and joy, to deal effectively with life’s changes and challenges, and to sustain positive, meaningful, dynamic relationships, but this becomes particularly acute as we age. Participatory, meaningful arts engagement has a clear and direct impact on these three elements which lead to improved quality of life in older adults.

Our nation is home to a growing older adult population; in Arizona, U.S. Census Bureau data estimates that by the year 2020, more than 1 in 4 people will be over age 60.

This ‘graying’ of America has precipitated dramatic changes in the field of aging, and as a society, we’re shifting our perspective and understanding of later life. Creative Aging utilizes the unique ability of the arts to move away from a deficits approach to aging, that stresses losses, to an assets approach that stresses strengths, potential and achievements. 

Lifelong Arts Engagement Grant
Lifelong Arts Engagement Grants support partnerships that foster meaningful arts learning experiences in a variety of community settings for learners of any age. Community/social service organizations or governmental entities partnered with arts organizations or professional teaching artists are eligible to apply.

The Creativity and Aging Study

This study, led by Gene D. Cohen, MD, looked at the impact of professionally conducted cultural programs on the physical health, mental health, and social functioning of older adults. This was the first controlled study to assess whether participation in the creative arts, apart from traditional medical care, can promote healthier aging.

Creativity Matters: The Arts and Aging Toolkit

Designed for the arts and aging services fields, this resource explains why and how older adults benefit from participation in professionally conducted community arts programs and offers detailed advice and examples on program design, implementation, and evaluation.

AZ Creative Aging is an initiative of the Arizona Commission on the Arts funded by a grant from Virginia G. Piper Charitable Trust.


Banner photos (from left to right): photo courtesy Safos Dance Theatre; photo courtesy The Drawing Studio; Arlene Lopez performs in “Las Comadres” by Safos Dance Theatre, photo by Dominic AZ Bonuccelli, courtesy of Safos Dance Theatre; photo courtesy of Musical Instrument Museum.


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Attention Phoenix arts community: applications for relief grants from City of Phoenix Office of Arts and Culture are due this Friday, September 18! ... See MoreSee Less

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Attention Tucson arts community: the Arts Foundation for Tucson and Southern Arizona is now accepting applications for Tucson CARES grants to artists and Arts & Culture organizations!The Tucson CARES for Artists grant is NOW OPEN!

The purpose of the Arts and Culture COVID-19 Assistance Grants is to provide emergency assistance to arts workers impacted by the COVID-19 public health emergency; and specifically to provide short-term emergency disaster relief to help prevent eviction, prevent homelessness, assist with rent or mortgage payments, assist with subsidies for utility payments to preserve essential services, and other needs arising out of the economic impacts of COVID-19.

Applicants will be asked to complete an online form including contact information, artistic background, demographics, and demonstration of financial loss due to COVID-19.

One-time emergency relief funds will reimburse between $1,000 to $2,000 in arts-related lost income. No cash match is required. The final determination of award amount will be made based on volume of eligible applications and available funds. While applicants may request up to $2,000, final award may be less than requested reimbursement.

Application Deadline: Monday, October 5, 2020 (11:59 pm)

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