The Arizona Commission on the Arts invites teen creatives to join the AZ Youth Arts Council to ensure that Arizona’s youth perspective is heard in arts programming and policy.

Who Are We?

We’re an agency of the State of Arizona dedicated to creating opportunities for all Arizonans to participate in and experience the arts.

Who Are You?

You’re a creative, passionate, community-minded Arizonan, age 14-19.

AZ Youth Arts Council Members Will…

  • Participate in monthly virtual AZ Youth Arts Council meetings October 2020 – May 2021.
  • Maintain communication with the Youth Arts Coordinator and peers from around the state
  • Learn about policy to advocate for equal access to the arts for all young people in Arizona
  • Advise the Arts Commission on grant programs and initiatives that directly affect young people
  • Administer a Youth Engagement Grant in their community
  • Review issues related to arts and culture programs and services for young people
  • Create arts and media projects highlighting the arts in their communities
  • Receive a stipend of up to $800


Applications must be submitted by September 14, 2020. 

Zoya Page
Maricopa County

I believe that my greatest strength is always my endless curiosity. A four year old always asks “Why?” to everything around them, and I still as a young woman share this beautiful curiosity. I am always willing to know the answer to everything, no matter what kind of answer I get. If I do not believe or fully understand the response I am given, I will go out of my way and stop at nothing to understand why something is the way it is. I am not only curious but I cannot stand to watch something I do not believe is right happen in front of me. This combination I have means that every day I learn and I am constantly faced with moral dilemmas when uncomfortable truths are revealed. Because of this I am very proactive: if I learn about a problem, I will immediately change my ways and try my hardest to help people not make the same mistakes because I only ever want good for everyone no matter what, I value the truth more than anything. It is true that ignorance is bliss and sometimes I have felt tempted to just close my eyes and not pay attention to a situation because it is difficult. But, I cannot let that happen although it is easy. Because of these qualities I would love to pursue school the longest I can so that I can always ask people “Why?” and get some answers. I feel as though my heart belongs to the protection of our Earth’s lands because I can not stand by as lands are stripped of the rights that they should possess. I will be attending NAU in the fall, majoring in environmental science and sustainability!

Ruchi Ukhade
Maricopa County

Hi! My name is Ruchi Ukhade. I am currently a Senior at Sandra Day O’Connor High School in Phoenix, AZ. I like to experiment and learn new and innovative ways to express my art and ideas. I like using multiple materials for my art. Since my early days, I have tried my hands at jewelry making and creating craft and functioning products from recycled material. I have also used watercolor, pen, charcoal, chalk pastel, acrylic color, etc. to create drawings, paintings and murals, but I enjoy watercolor and ink the most. Currently, I am serving as President of Teen Artist Guild, a program sponsored by the Phoenix Center for the Arts to provide a forum for teens to explore visual art opportunities. I also received the “Phoenix Mayor’s Arts Award” in the “Young Artist” category in October 2019.

Caroline Wu
Pinal County

Caroline Wu has been musically involved her whole life, beginning on the piano when she was 4 years old and the oboe at the age of 10. The 17-year-old has participated at world-renowned international camps and festivals, including Interlochen Arts Camp, Hidden Valley Music Seminars, Idyllwild Arts Camp, and Domaine Forget. She has been principal oboe of the Youth Symphony of the Southwest, Arizona Music Educators Association All-State Band, 2018 National Association for Music Education’s All-National Honor Symphony Orchestra, and 2019 MusicforAll Honor Orchestra of America. Among numerous awards and recognitions, Caroline is also currently principal oboe of Phoenix Youth Symphony.Caroline now studies oboe with ASU professor Martin Schuring and piano with Walter Cosand. In addition to extracurriculars, she is a member of her school’s Future Business Leaders of America and Clean-Up Committee, president of their National Honor Society, and drum major of her school marching band.

Sedona Ortega
Yavapai County

My name is Sedona Ortega. I am a 15 year old student at Tri-City College Prep High School in Prescott. I am part of the student council at my school and I love getting involved in issues that affect my entire community. I am an active volunteer for local organizations that tackle issues affecting the environment, education, the arts and teens. Additionally, the performing arts have always been a very important part of my life. I’ve been a part of many community theatre productions, worked with film and photography, played piano for 10 years, and danced since I could stand. I have recently started playing the drums and ukulele as well. From 2016-2018 I was a member of AEvium dance company and performed in both Portland, Oregon as well as my home base in Prescott. I was the youngest person to take part in a Fellowship Arts Residency at The Playa, in Summerlake, Oregon. Most recently, I performed in a site-specific, farm-to-table performance called rhizeHOME. I am an optimistic, dedicated artist, and I look forward to Supporting the arts in Arizona by serving on the youth advisory council.

Jessica Rubio
Cochise County


My name is Jessica A. Rubio, 16 years old currently a junior in Douglas High School, living with my mom and three siblings. I am a dancer and have participated in numerous shows, competitions and events. I work with youths and young adults, helping them with their techniques and team work. I love getting to meet new people always, I feel great when I have the chance to help people and the community as well. I am a very active girl and very involved in the community, overall, always looking to have fun and make new memories!

Jesús Galaviz Arreguín
Maricopa County


I am an education student with an emphasis in choral music. I am originally from Los Mochis, Sinaloa, and consider inner-city Phoenix, Arizona my second home. I am always thinking about how systemic oppression is present and how we can use art to dismantle it. Being an arts advocate means, among many things, analyzing where art is present and who has access to it. As a RE:FRAME Youth Arts Center board member, I hope to encourage young people of diverse backgrounds to engage in collaborative art-making and activism, so that we can be more aware of our history, use art as a method of healing, and express love to ourselves and others.

Clara Kinlinchee
Apache County


I am a strong and optimistic person. I’ve always had a realistic outlook on the world. My friends say I’m smart, Deeply caring, and Inspiring. I’ll always strive for my goals and what I want in life, extremely talkative and very friendly. I’m very open minded and Charismatic. I enjoy being creative and making art that depicts my life. My favorite things would have to be food, drawing, listening to music, and watching anime. I’m proud to be part of the Navajo Nation and to be 100% Native American.

Stephanie Garcia
Pima County


I’m currently a junior in high school. I’m involved with band and technical theater and currently hold an internship at a youth center helping middle schoolers develop schools in theater and the tech that comes with it. I used to dance folklorico for five years and it was something I was and am passionate about. I like to consider myself a hard working, dedicated, and goal oriented person. If I have an idea, I like to go through it as far as I can. When I fail, I always try to get back on the horse and continue trying until I can accomplish it. My family is very supportive in what I do and always encourages me to do better every day. I love the process of planning things. Connecting the dots that lead to something big at the end. I’m also very social so working with others works great for me.

Amber Wisely
Mohave County


I have lived in Kingman all my life, I started performing in front of live audiences in the 9th grade and ever since then I haven’t stopped, I’m currently in 11th grade. I’ve been in 7 productions and have done state competitions as well. I do theatre at my school and in my community. I love performing and learning about theatre and can’t wait to learn even more as I continue. I love to sing, dance, and act. I always have something I’m doing that involves the arts and love to be a part of as many things as possible.