We imagine an Arizona where everyone can participate in and experience the arts

The Arizona Commission on the Arts is an agency of the State of Arizona whose mission is to create opportunities for all Arizonans to participate in and experience the arts. To that end, we deliver grants and support to cultivate sustainable arts communities and promote statewide public access to arts and cultural activities.

Agency Overview and History

One of 56 state and jurisdictional arts agencies across the United States, the Arizona Commission on the Arts is a 56-year-old agency of the State of Arizona and a leading force in the creative and professional development of Arizona’s arts sector. Through robust programs, research initiatives and strategic grantmaking, the Arts Commission catalyzes arts-based partnerships that strengthen Arizona communities through the arts.


Staffed with experts in organizational structure and development, community building through the arts, arts education, arts funding models, and various arts disciplines, the Arts Commission acts as a knowledge base for the state’s artists, arts organizations and educators.


The Governing Commission consists of a board of fifteen members, including one chairperson, appointed by the Governor of Arizona. Commission members serve terms of three years and are chosen for their demonstrated ability, good judgment and experience in arts-related fields. In addition, they are selected to ensure geographic and ethnic representation of all areas of the state.


The Arts Commission is committed to providing arts opportunities for all Arizonans and recognizes that partnerships are critical to its efforts. Creating strategic collaborations that demonstrate the omnipresence of the arts and its diverse impact is central to the agency mission. To that end, the Arts Commission engages in myriad partnerships every year.