Eastlake is one or nine communities represented in the inaugural cohort of the AZ Creative Communities Institute (AZCCI). A program of Arizona Commission on the Arts and ASU Herberger Institute for Design and the Arts, with guidance from Southwest Folklife Alliance, AZCCI offers small teams, made up of diverse members of Arizona communities, a unique opportunity to explore the many ways creativity can be put to work for positive community impact.

About Eastlake

“Eastlake is a diverse community with the feel of independent urban sensibility and vacancy. As a teenager my mother would ride the bus with her cousins, without my grandmother’s permission, to go swim at the pool and gallivant in the Eastlake Park. As a child I was baptized a Pilgrim Rest Baptist Church. Today, spend a Sunday in Eastlake and you will be blessed by a spirit lifting sermon at one of the many legacy churches, enjoy a soul food lunch at Mrs. White’s Golden Rule Café, hit the new walking trail at Eastlake Park and visit the civil rights memorial at Eastlake Park. Cross the street northbound on 15th and Jefferson and you’re at Councilman Goode’s home of 60+ years, head west and get on the light rail the next stop is the center of downtown Phoenix. While not yet the anticipated 2020 vibrant environment, it has all the key ingredients to be, Eastlake is rich with cultural heritage and opportunity, it is a place of discovery, full of surprises with a burgeoning hidden vibe. Stay tuned.”

Talonya Adams, Eastlake Resident

Team Members

Talonya Adams, Business Attorney and Founder, 1700 West Law, PLLC
Jackie Berry, Real Estate Broker, Berry Realty & Associates
Ronn Turner, Artist

Artist Collaborator(s)

Richard Yarbough
Rod Grimes


Sustainable brand creation in and of the historically rich Eastlake area by utilizing various art forms (walking/biking tour, community engagement jazz series, asset mapping and interactive website) to attract residents, Eastlake visitors and new audiences into the Eastlake areas to experience its cultural and historical assets, elevate positive perceptions and contribute to an inclusive and reimagined Eastlake.

Additional Information and Project Updates