About the Governing Commission

The Governing Commission consists of a board of fifteen members, including one chairperson, appointed by the Governor of Arizona. Commission members serve terms of three years and are chosen for their demonstrated ability, good judgment and experience in arts-related fields. In addition, they are selected to ensure geographic and ethnic representation of all areas of the state. Commission members attend quarterly board meetings, chair review panels, award grants and formulate policy consistent with enabling legislation.

Current Commission Members

Commission Vice Chair, Dr. Pamela Hall (Phoenix) is a professor of Art History at Glendale Community College (GCC) where she has taught since 1998. She earned her M.A. and Ph.D. in Art History from the University of Maryland, and has taught at the Smithsonian Institution, the American University, the University of Maryland, and Trinity College. She is past district coordinator of the Art Masterpiece Program for the Madison Elementary School District, and currently serves as curator of GCC’s Art Collection. She served as advisor to Phi Theta Kappa honor society, has been recognized as GCC’s Honors Professor of the Year, and is a regular lecturer to docents at the Phoenix Art Museum. Dr. Hall was first appointed to the Arts Commission by Governor Jane Dee Hull; she was re-appointed by Governor Jan Brewer and Governor Doug Ducey and is now serving her fourth term. She lives in north central Phoenix with her husband, Scott Celley. Updated June 2020

Christina Corieri (Phoenix) is the Senior Policy Advisor to Governor Doug Ducey. Previously, she was Health and Human Services Policy Advisor.

Jason Kush (Cave Creek) was born in California but raised in Arizona attending Arcadia High School and then Arizona State University obtaining a BS in Marketing from the W.P. Carey School of Business. After college, he spent his 20’s returning to California working for fortune 10 companies. In 2005, he moved back to Arizona to become the 3rd generation in his family to become a home builder and real estate broker. He currently owns J P Kush Construction, a developer and builder of luxury homes located in Scottsdale Arizona. Jason is active throughout the community including past President of The Phoenix Theatre Company, a past active member of the Phoenix 20/30 club, a member of The Men’s Art Council and Sun Devil Club and has served on numerous boards including The Children In Need Foundation and serving as a panelist for the National Endowment for The Arts. Jason and his wife live in Cave Creek, with their three daughters.

Angelia Hill (Phoenix) is the President & CEO of OneMillion Entrepreneurs nonprofit organization with a mission to transform the economic landscape for all people to one million sustaining entrepreneurs by 2036. For the past 17 years, she has been inspiring entrepreneurs with the motivation needed to succeed through the journey of creating and refining businesses in Arizona. Consulting economic development campaigns for the United Nations UN Women (WEP) council and national companies she is the former, Senior Vice President of the Arizona Small Business Association. Currently serving on the Arizona Dept of Education CTE Board Commission, Angelia provides guidance on programs for entrepreneurial students and community engagement of arts industry businesses at many levels. Angelia and her husband live in the Biltmore area of Phoenix and enjoy cultural emersion travelling around the world. Updated June 2021 

Chelsea Lett (Phoenix) was born and raised in Bullhead City, Arizona, and attended Northern Arizona University earning degrees in American Political Studies and Public Relations. She moved to D.C. and worked a year on Capitol Hill prior to joining the Washington National Opera and The Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts. Lett spent three years with WNO and The Kennedy Center in the press and development departments working on  projects promoting the opera in the community. In 2012, she moved back to Arizona and began working for U.S. Senator Jeff Flake where she currently serves as Regional Outreach Director.

Michael Potter (Surprise) has been involved in the arts in Arizona as a Theatre major at Grand Canyon University, the former President of the Phoenix Youth Symphony Orchestras, the lead broadcast voice of the GCU Men’s Basketball (radio) and Baseball (ESPN+) teams, and broadcasting various sports for the Pac12 network and the Western Athletic Conference. He has spent a number of years executing sales strategies, insurance, and real estate and looks forward to bringing his unique experiences in arts and business to lead, challenge, and support the organizations and the overall arts culture in Arizona. With three children in colleges/conservatories studying french horn, trombone, piano and percussion performance and one child at home studying piano and ballet, Michael is “bullish” on the future and excited to be part of developing the new paradigm for the arts in Arizona and beyond.

Megan Schmitz is a Director at Horizon Strategies, where she helps clients navigate the intersection of business, government, and community to reach their goals. Before joining Horizon Strategies, Schmitz was Chief of Staff to the Chairman and CEO of Arizona Public Service. She advised on the strategic operations of the utility and publicly-traded holding company. She also served as Program Manager at APS, where she advanced the company’s clean energy commitment and reputation management strategy. Previously, Megan was Chief of Staff to the Phoenix City Council District 4 Office. She led a small but mighty team that worked to enhance quality of life for City of Phoenix residents, and advised on policy issues including transportation, public safety, zoning, DEI, and more. Schmitz volunteers to advance arts-focused initiatives as Board President of Roosevelt Row Community Development Corporation, and is also an appointed commissioner on the Phoenix Women’s Commission. She holds a bachelor’s from Ohio State, an MBA from ASU, and is a graduate of Valley Leadership. In her free time, Megan throws pottery, experiments in the kitchen, and enjoys the outdoors. Updated October 2022

Danny Sharaby (Phoenix) grew up in Cedarhurst, Long Island, New York and moved to Arizona to attend Law School at Arizona State University graduating with a Juris Doctor Degree in 1985. While attending ASU, Sharaby founded what is now Tickets Unlimited Inc., an independent, privately owned company engaged in the business of buying and selling premium tickets for all Local, National and International Sporting, Concerts, and Theater events. Sharaby is an avid art collector, and has been an active contributor of his time and resources to many civic, educational and charitable institutions in Arizona and across U.S. Sharaby and his wife Jenna live in the Arcadia area of Phoenix and have raised three daughters there. Sharaby is a current board member of the Camelback East Village Planning Committee serving since 2015. Updated June 2020

Ruth Soberanes (Phoenix), an Arizona native, is an International Trade Specialist at the U.S. Department of Commerce Commercial Service in Phoenix. She previously served as the Director of Trade and Investment at the Greater Phoenix Economic Council and as the Director of Communications and Strategic Initiatives at the Arizona-Mexico Commission, Office of the Governor. Soberanes serves as the Vice President of the University of San Diego Phoenix Torero Club, Board of Director of the ASU Morrison Institute and Executive Council Member of the Sandra Day O’Connor Institute Emerging Leaders Network. Soberanes is an active member of the Flinn Brown Civic Leadership Academy and the Phoenix Committee on Foreign Relations. In her spare time, Soberanes enjoys dancing flamenco and taking acting lessons. Updated June 2020

Colleen Steinberg (Paradise Valley) grew up in the Valley of the Sun. She attended the University of Arizona and earned a bachelor’s degree in Studio Art in 1990. In partnership with her mother and sister she founded a graphic design firm serving local and national clientele. For fifteen years she was a principal, working with clients to determine strategies and design for marketing campaigns and translating concepts into visuals for media outreach. She currently has her own commission-based animal portrait studio and teaches painting classes at various valley venues. She serves on the Paradise Valley Arts Board and has been active with the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation.

Special Advisor to the Arizona Commission on the Arts

Ruben Alvarez (Phoenix) is Co-founder and Managing Partner of Molera Alvarez, LLC, a government relations and public affairs firm based in Phoenix. Molera Alvarez, represents a wide range of Fortune 500 companies, non-profit groups and governmental entities. Prior to forming Molera Alvarez in 2003, Alvarez worked in the State of Arizona’s Executive branch for 12 years. Notable is his role as the Governor’s Policy Advisor for Mexico and Hispanic Affairs. In this role, Alvarez managed the state’s relationship with Mexican government officials and provided leadership direction on key bi-national issues, cross border trade activities and initiatives targeting the needs of the Hispanic community. In addition, before becoming Policy Advisor, Alvarez served as the Governor’s Director of the Office of Equal Opportunity where he was responsible for implementing and overseeing outreach efforts to develop greater communication links between state agencies and underrepresented communities to disseminate information on contracting and employment opportunities. Updated June 2020


  Farhana Sharifa Ahmed 2018- 2020
Senator Carolyn Allen* 2011- 2016
  Ruben E. Alvarez 2012-  Present
  Eldon Ardrey* 1967- 1970
  Cecil Armstrong* 1980- 1983
  Gary Avey* 2001- 2004
  Vera Marie “Bunny” Badertscher 1998- 2004
  Benjamin “Ben” Baer 2015- Present
  Lisa Barnes 2007- Present
Senator Tim Bee 2011- 2022
  Ron Bergamo* 2000- 2001
  Walter Bimson* 1970- 1977
  Audrey Bingham* 1967- 1973
  Hermann Bleibtreu 1978- 1980
  Betsy Bolding 1988- 1991
  Victoria Wait Boyce 2010- 2015
  Margaret “Margie” Braden* 1973- 1976
Dr. Robert G. Breunig 2008- 2015
  Henry Bruinsma* 1967- 1969
  Phyllis Bunch 2011- 2015
  Manuel R. Burruel 2003- 2006
  Virginia Cardenas* 2000- 2008
  Charles G. Case II 1988- 1991
  Joseph A. Castillo* 1999- 2005
  Shirley Chann 2005- 2011
  Katherin L. Chase 1982- 1988
  Jocelyn “Jo” Clark 2009- 2012
  Marvin S. Cohen* 1975- 1978
  Marvin S. Cohen* 1988- 1994
  Jose Colchado 1989- 1992
  Christopher Coover 1987- 1990
  Loise Stone Copes* 1991- 1994
  Slivy Edmonds Cotton 1999- 2000
  Carol Crockett 2011-  2022
  Victoria Cummiskey 2003- 2009
  Jacqueline Jean Davidson 2005- 2008
  Brooke Davis 2005- 2008
  Dino DeConcini 1979- 1985
  Darryl Dobras 2005- 2011
  Stella Pope Duarte 2006- 2009
  Kathryn “Katie” Norton Dusenberry 1984- 1987
Dr. Merlin “Monte” K. DuVal* 1974- 1975
  Marion Elliott 1988- 1993
Dr. Ray Everett 2012- 2016
  Mark Feldman 2009- Present
  Frank J. Felix 1978- 1982
  Cecilia Félix-Roudebush 1992- 1998
  Norma Ferguson* 1976- 1979
  Heidi Teets Fisher 1994- 1996
  Alice Froeb 1973- 1979
  Joseph Fu 2004- 2007
  Alice Gay 1967- 1973
  Karen Glennon 1997- 1999
  Susan Goldberg 1983- 1987
  Stan Goldberg* 1968- 1977
  Pamela J. Goldsmith 1975- 1978
  Barnaby “Bennie” Montague Gonzales* 1972- 1974
  Lisa Gray 2015- 2017
  Charles Hall 1995- 1997
Dr. Pamela Hall 2013- Present
Dr. Pamela Hall 2000- 2003
  Diane Cummings Halle 1993- 1995
  Joy Hanley 1988- 1991
  Terrence M. Hanson 2004- 2007
Dr. Oliver “Ollie” Harper 2020- Present
  Peter Hayes 1994- 2000
  Mary Hays 1994- 2000
  Angelia Hill 2021 Present
  Dave Howell 1999- 2005
  John Hudak 1993- 1999
  Alison Hughes 2005- 2011
  Vicki L. Hunt 2010- 2013
  Gail Jacobson 2001- 2004
  Edward Jacobson* 1979- 1988
  Lisa Jayne 2015- 2017
  Rachel Frazier Johnson 2020- Present
  Nancy Jordan 1984- 1987
  Jane Jozoff 1997- 2003
  Magda Amado Kallmeyer 1990- 1993
  Bill Kapfer 1997- 1998
  Patricia “Pat” Kaufman 2013-  2021
  Dennis Kavanaugh 1999- 2005
  Joanne Keene 2018- 2020
  Everett L. King* 1984- 1989
  Marvin Kirchler 1989- 1992
  Paul Koehler 1996- 1999
  Dale Wood Kuzzelman 1977- 1983
  Natalie S. Lang 2007- 2013
  Thomas Lang 1990- 1993
  Cassandra A. Larsen 2009- 2012
  Madeline Lazarus 1986- 1992
  Leo Lesperance* 1993- 1999
  Chelsea Lett 2017- Present
  Bill Lewis 1979- 1982
  Charles Lewis 1982- 1988
  Tamalyn “Tami” Lewis 2013- Present
  Michael Liburdi 2010- 2016
  Andre Licardi 1999- 2005
  Lori Logan 2010- 2011
  Charles Loloma* 1973- 1978
  Charles Loloma* 1983- 1985
  Dodie Londen* 1987- 1993
  Rosemary Lonewolf 1994- 1997
  W. D. Long 1987- 1990
  Irene Meyer Lundahl 2000- 2003
  Donald Luria 2001- 2005
  Wanda MacDonald 1980- 1983
  Rita Maria Magdaleno 1995- 2001
  Ivan Makil 2003- 2006
  Pearle E. Marr 1992- 1998
  Peter R. Marroney* 1967- 1980
  Pepe Martinez 1975- 1982
  Helen K. Mason* 1976- 1979
  Frances B. McAllister* 1976- 1982
  Miriam “Mim” McClennen 1989- 1995
  Robert W. McGee 1969- 1972
  Jacqueline F. McNulty 1977- 1980
  Beverly Lockett Miller 1998- 2004
  Katherine Smith Miller* 1986- 1988
  Roseann Munger 1996- 1997
  Gerry Murphy 1994- 1997
  Gordon Murphy* 1991- 1994
  Mabel Nagel 1967- 1973
  Ronald Nairn* 1967- 1969
  Joshua Nelson 2010- 2012
  Mimi Orme* 1969- 1975
  Mary Paulin* 1987- 1993
  Gene Polk 1994- 1995
  Louise Tester Pollard* 1967- 1971
  Adele Ponce 2018- 2018
  Al Qoyawayma 1991- 1992
  Lincoln J. Ragsdale* 1971- 1976
  D. Michael Rappoport 1986- 1992
  Douglas Richards 1967- 1970
  Danita Jelani Rios 2007- 2010
  Jane Rosenbaum 1986- 1989
  Robert Ruiz 1987- 1988
  Lewis J. Ruskin* 1968- 1980
  Star M. Sacks* 1983- 1989
  Mark Sanders 1984- 1986
  Louise Schellenberg 1967- 1976
  Daniel “Danny” Sharaby   Present
  Robin Ross Shaw 1993- 1995
  Kelly Shaw-Norton 2010- 2016
  Virginia Shelley 1995- 2001
  F. William “Bill” Sheppard 2003- 2009
  Mariko Silver 2003- 2006
  Ruth Soberanes   Present
  Kim Sterling 1993- 1999
  Grace Sternberg 1967- 1969
  John Stilley* 1970- 1976
  Rosanda Suetopka-Thayer 1992- 1994
  Marilyn Summers 1992- 1993
  Lisa Takata 2004- 2007
  Ramonia Thomas 1996- 1999
  ErLinda Torres 2007- 2010
  Don Tostenrud* 1980- 1986
  Patricia Anne Tully 1981- 1986
  Rudy Turk* 1980- 1984
  Myrna Udall 1993- 1996
  Barbara C. Van Sittert 1976- 1982
  Judith Walsh 2007- 2010
  Lea Ward 1982- 1987
  Ronald H. Warner* 1975- 1987
  Carol DuVal Whiteman 1978- 1984
  Jack Whiteman* 1982- 1988
  Richard Whitney* 1969- 1984
  Elizabeth “Lisa” Wilkinson-Fannin 1998- 2003
  Barbea Williams 1991- 1994
  Diane Prescott Windham 2005- 2010
  Margaret Wood 1997- 2003
  Judith Ann Wright-Evans 2007- 2009
  Genevieve Brown Wright* 1969- 1975
  Olinda Young 1988- 1991


 * Deceased      
Updated 7/26/17