In an effort to ensure greater access to the proceedings, audio from grant panel review meetings will be streamed live online. Audio streams will only be available during panel meetings.

For a complete schedule of panel meetings and applications under review, click here.

While we will endeavor to ensure the quality of the live broadcast, we cannot offer any guarantees that the broadcast will be properly functional or audible for the duration of the meeting. Further, our staff’s attention will be focused on the in-room panel review and therefore they will not be available to provide technical assistance should you encounter difficulties in accessing the broadcast.

These meetings will not be recorded. As usual, Arts Commission staff will take notes during the panel review and these notes may be requested after the grant awards have been announced, but a recording will not be available.

The player below should begin playing audio automatically during scheduled panel meeting broadcasts. If you are on a mobile device you may need to press the play button on the right-hand side of the player. (The play button only appears during scheduled broadcasts.) If you are visiting this page during a scheduled broadcast and you do not hear audio, check to make sure your computer has speakers attached and that they are turned on with the volume set to an audible level. You may also try reloading the page.

Live Updates

Throughout the panel meetings, live updates may be offered below. While updates should occur automatically, if the information doesn’t appear to be up-to-date, you may need to refresh your browser window.