Picture: Pink Flamingo of the Lawn Variety

Pink Flamingo Lemonade is a musical animated short film shown from the perspective of a lawn flamingo. This flamingo views one week (one scene and song for each day of the week) of the neighborhood it calls home. Within this week, the seemingly “normal” lives of the neighborhood’s inhabitants are opened to show all of their hopes, dreams, fears, vices, and flaws. This image is the original piece that inspired the idea to build an entire short film.

Audio: El Gatito

This composition was created as a theme for a particularly vicious neighborhood cat that harasses our valiant flamingo.

Video: El Gatito / Pink Flamingo Lemonade Promotional Video

In this link you will find two storyboard videos for a portion of the film called, “El Gatito” and the initial promotional video that is set as an introduction to the project.