Picture: The Mother Road

A relic of the Mother Road invites curious travelers to wander through time on the streets of Seligman, Arizona. I am fascinated by the history of Route 66 and the kitschy roadside attractions that popped up along it’s route during it’s heyday to entice visitors to stop.


My artwork has appeared in publications and television programs such as Drift Travel Magazine, The Sun Magazine, Skin and Ink Magazine, Five on Five Magazine, The Advocate, Inspired Eye Magazine, Nailed! Magazine, Edge of Humanity Magazine, Electric Mustache, The Phoenix New Times, The East Valley Tribune, Studio Vox, SLAM Magazine, Tempe Starving Artist Magazine, HBO’s original TV series: Enlightened starring Laura Dern, GSNTV’s hit show: Skin Wars, featuring Ru Paul, Hawaii 5-0 on CBS TV and multiple books depicting the growing sport of women’s roller derby.