Picture: Ask The Fish 2.0

Ask The Fish 2.0 was inspired by Job 12:8-10. It speaks of a fusion of the natural and the man-made. The hand and the fish symbolize nature and creation, yet the imagery of both together conveys humankind’s dominion over the natural. This dominion enables humanity to build urban environments while still cherishing creation. The fish’s skin of holographic film diffracts light both day and night, shimmering and changing colors depending on the viewer’s position. While this diffraction effect is a well known quality of nature (fish scales, butterfly wings, bird feathers), the juxtaposition of the (clearly man-made) holographic material accentuates the dynamic tension between the two creative origins.

The sculpture has received a very strong positive response. It is extremely durable and robust – exhibited on San Diego, CA’s Embarcadero, (2011-2013, marine environment), in Palm Desert, CA (2013 – 2015, desert environment), and in Roanoke, VA (2015-2016, four seasons environment, where it won peoples’ choice award). It is currently in Roswell, GA where it will be on exhibition until April, 2019.


Artist’s self-portrait.