Attention Arizona artists and creatives! Are you ready to grow your audience, expand your skillset, and/or take your practice to the next level? Our Artist Opportunity Grants support Arizona artists as they take advantage of opportunities for professional growth.

Apply now for a grant of up to $1,500! Applications must be submitted by October 23.


This grant is available to artists working in all disciplines and at any stage in their career. A wide array of opportunities could be considered eligible, so long as there is potential for significant impact in one or more of these three categories:

Introduce Your Work to New Audiences
An opportunity to present your work in a significant way that will expose your work to new audiences or raise your artistic profile.

Develop New Skills
An opportunity to develop new artistic skills though participation in activities such as conferences, artist residencies, workshops, fellowships, master classes, or apprenticeships.

Develop Your Artistic Entrepreneurship
An opportunity to expand your entrepreneurial capacity, such as the production of marketing materials, website development, payment of professional fees (lawyers, accountants, etc.), and any practice-related capital expenses (like equipment purchases, materials, services, rental fees for equipment or facility, etc.)

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Banner photo by Alonso Parra