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The Southwest Invitational was born in 1966, the same year as the Arizona Commission on the Arts, and for decades the annual touring exhibition received support from the Arts Commission to present Arizona’s most exciting contemporary artists in galleries and venues throughout the state.

When a fire destroyed the Yuma Art Center in mid-90’s, the Southwest Invitational went on an extended hiatus. This spring, it returns.

On April 10, 2015, at the Yuma Arts Center, 100 artists will be exhibited in what organizers are calling “the largest visual arts event in the state of Arizona.” A selection of the exhibition will then be toured throughout the state from June 2015 through August 2016.

Tour Schedule

Yuma Art Center
April 10, 2015-May 30, 2015

West Valley Art HQ
June 26, 2015- August 7, 2015

Prescott College Art Gallery At Sam Hill Warehouse
September 5, 2015-October 17, 2015

Tubac Center Of The Arts
October 28, 2015-December 28, 2015

Coconino Center For The Arts
January 12, 2016-February 17, 2016

Phoenix Airport Museum
February 27, 2016-August 15, 2016

Featured Artists

Bold indicates artists who will be part of the touring exhibition.

Annie Alexander
Tiera Allen
Dale Andress
Joan Barron
Adair Bentley
Sandra Blain
Tania Bolen
Mary Bruns
Tom Cabral
Kristen Caldon
Ryan Carey
Kevin Caron
Anne Marie Carrington
Christine Cassano
Nancy Christy-Moore
Elizabeth Cheche
Marilyn Collins
Ty Cook
Barbara Cowlin
Jenny Day
Brenda Diller
Edie Dillon
Katalin Ehling
Elliott Everson
Diane Fairfield
Jeff Falk
Barry Farmer
Mitch Fry
Laurie Giangregorio
H Gilmore
Magdalene Gluszek
Virginia Gott
Bryan Griffith
Priscilla Hanson
Stephanie Haughton
Donna Heslip
Bruce Horn
Sue hunter
Jerry Jacobson
Chris Johnson
Scott Jones
Hank Keneally
David Knorr
Sarah Kriehn
David Lash
Lauren Lee
Sonja London-Hall
Annie Lopez
Marcela Lubian
Nicolette Maguire
Steve Mason
Mary Meyer
Georgia Michalicek
Bernie Molaskey
Elizabeth Moore
Jack Morgenstern
Tess Mosko Sherer
Frances Murphy
Judy Nakari
Darlene Nelson
Catherine Otis
Martha Palomino
Leslie Parsons
Barbara Penn
Steven Perkins
Kimberly Perry
Jennifer Phillips
Judy Phillips
Patricia Redding
Catherine Rone
Nancy Ruby
Irma Sanchez
Christine Sandifur
Peter Schaafsma
Gerald Schwartz
David Seacord
Michael Shaddy
Charlotte Shane
Marvin Shaver
Mary Shindell
Lori Shoaf
Edlynne Sillman
Shawn Skabelund
Madeline Smidt
Robert Spille
Bonny Stauffer
Kim Sterling
Masako Robbins
George Strasburger
Mark Sublette
Rebecca Taylor
Archie Tucker
Sherri Vanshaick
Paul Verburg
Judith Visker
Onna Jeanna Voellmer
Kim Walker
Carolyn Wayland
Mary Wells
Barb Wills
Larry Willis
Larry Yanez

Visit the Yuma Fine Arts Association website for more information about the Southwest Invitational.

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