Grants and resources are available to arts and community organizations, schools, educators, teaching artists and more, in support of learning in, through and about the arts. Through the Arts Learning department at the Arizona Commission on the Arts, grants and resources support a range of arts learning activities taking place in a variety of settings and formats.

Arts Learning Collaboration Grants
Arts Learning Collaboration Grants enhance the work of arts educators, classroom teachers and school-based arts programs through collaborative projects taking place in-school (during regular school hours), after-school, or during summer/inter-session and in-services.

Lifelong Arts Engagement Grants

Lifelong Arts Engagement Grants enhance the work of community and social service organizations/ governmental entities through partnership projects with professional teaching artists and/or arts organizations.

Opportunity Grants for Teaching Artists
Opportunity Grants provide funding support to Arizona  teaching artists as they take advantage of specific, unique opportunities that have the potential to significantly impact their professional growth. These grants support and empower arts sector workers at critical stages in their creative lives as they work to advance their career and continue to innovate in their work.