Administered by the Arizona Commission on the Arts’ AZ Youth Arts Council, the Youth Arts Engagement Grant is a funding opportunity for projects that support young people’s stories and ideas through creative expression.

The application period for Fiscal Year 2021 Youth Arts Engagment Grants has been extended through Sunday, March 28.

Arizona arts organizations, collaboratives, youth councils, clubs or similar organizations that are majority youth-led (20 years-old and under). An adult’s role is as an ally or accomplice supporting and ensuring youth leadership and shared decision making.


  • Main applicant must be under the age of 20
  • Project is majority youth-led
  • Project provides an artistic experience for the direct benefit of young people under the age of 20 in Arizona
  • For projects taking place May 1 – July 30, 2020

Funding Period

Eligible project activities must take place between May 1 – July 30, 2020.

Application Period


February 15, 2021 – March 28, 2021

Award Amount

Applicants can request the following flat grant amounts: $500, $1,000, $1,500. Funds may be distributed to individuals, Arizona non-profit organizations or public schools, or individuals/collaboratives with a fiscal sponsor.

Eligible Expenses

Grant funds may be used for any of the following (this list is not comprehensive):

  • Artist, consultant, and other fees
  • Materials or supplies
  • Travel costs
  • Technology
  • Space/rental fees
  • Documentation

When you’re ready, click on the “Apply Now” button below. This will take you to a website called Submittable where you’ll submit your application materials. Please note that late or incomplete applications will be ineligible for review or funding.



Answer each of these questions. You can type up your proposal narrative (1,000 words), or you can upload it in a video or audio recording (no more than 7 minutes in length).

If you share your proposal narrative in a video or audio recording keep it simple and to the point. The recording should be just you, describing your proposal and answering the four questions listed below. Please do not include edits of your work samples or special effects. Production quality of this recording will not be considered in your review. Just make sure we can hear and understand you and keep editing and post-production embellishment to a minimum.

Project Overview

Provide a detailed description of your proposed project. What do you hope the project will achieve?


Who are the collaborators involved in this project? What do they bring to the table?


What does youth-led look like in this project? How will the collaborators ensure shared power and decision making?


Who does this project serve and why is it important to that community?

Project Timeline

Describe the timeline for the activities that will take place.

Project Budget

Project Expenses

List all project expenses and provide a short explanation of the expense.

Grant Amount Requested

Select which of the three flat grant amounts you are requesting for you project: $500, $1,000, or $1,500

Budget Narrative

Use this space to bring your project budget to life, as if you were explaining it to the grant review panel.  

Work Sample

Submit work samples your organization, collaboration or club has completed in the last 2 years. From the list below, please choose the most appropriate artistic work sample format to represent your discipline:

Applicant work samples (select one only)

  • 3 minutes of recorded audio
  • 3 minutes of recorded video
  • 6 images
  • 3 pages of double-spaced text or 3 poems

Work Sample Descriptions

Provide a brief description explaining how the submitted work sample relates to your proposal. Why did you choose them? Include the following for each work sample:

  • Title of the work
  • Date completed/premiered, if applicable
  • Location/site of exhibition or presentation

Primary Staff Contact

Elisa Radcliffe
Arts Learning Manager
Phone: (602) 771-6528
Email: [email protected]

Technical Support

Email: [email protected]
Phone: (855) 467-8264, ext. 2

  • Grant Guidelines: Fiscal Year 2021 Youth Arts Engagement Grant