Text: Rediscover Your Passion

When you’re passionate about what you do, its hard to call it work. Early in my life I was fortunate to have a passion and lived everyday loving what I did. I spent a large part of my life in the entertainment business, living out my dream of making people happy. Over time, other opportunities presented themselves and without realizing it, I was slowly drifting away from what I was passionate about in life. I am now on a journey to rediscover my passion. I decided to create a large pair of metal wings that symbolize the ‘spreading of wings’ as I take that leap of faith into the unknown, relying solely on the strength of my newborn passion for creating art to get me through the next phase of life.

Picture: Metal Wings

I love the idea of creating larger than life art. The wings will span nearly 18 ft across and represent taking that leap of faith from the safety of the nest. Jumping into the unknown and taking flight and soaring through life.