This is my most recent mural project on the new AltaFillmore apartments at 601 W Fillmore, Phoenix, AZ 85003, all painted in acrylic. This project represents a fantasy combination of realistic elements: an evening view of South Mountain and Phoenix, a crumbling wall of massive stones, two larger than life “photographs” of historic Phoenix architecture floating in front and a cat sitting on the ledge. I love this project. It was a perfect combination of everything that gets me going: the challenge of working really large and translating my idea to that size, working high up with a large boom lift which is very exhilarating and a little scary, and the design is very much my own invention as the client gave me a lot of leeway. The design also expresses the locale in a very satisfying way, wrapping local history into the fanciful realism.

The other great aspect of working in the public eye is the immediate feedback! It is exciting to have people yell out of their cars at me and give me a lot of “thumb’s ups.” Overall this is my favorite project ever, a unique design with some physical challenges and lots of opportunity for people to engage me and comment.

I certainly create my art for me, yet I create it to be seen, enjoyed and contribute to people’s enjoyment of their space, their day. For me, it is important to present an image/concept that not only entertains, but offers a unique perspective, something that helps people see their world in a new light. This project 100% represents my creative spark!

Torva_AltaFill LucretiaTorvaAltFill