Between Tuesday, May 16, and Thursday, May 25, panels made up of artists, arts professionals, educators, and community members will review grant applications from nearly 100 nonprofit arts organizations, large and small, from every corner of the state. These panel review meetings are open to the public, but you can also listen-in live, from the comfort of your own home or office.

Listen Now

Panel review meetings offer a prime opportunity for current and prospective applicants to observe the review process and learn more about the qualities of successful, competitive grant applications. In years past, doing so meant physically attending one of the meetings, which are usually held at or near the Arts Commission’s office in downtown Phoenix. This was obviously an easier task for some than for others.

Beginning last year, the Arts Commission has made these meetings accessible to anyone with an interest and an internet connection. When you visit during any Community Investment Grants (CIG) panel review meeting (click here for a full schedule) you’ll be able to listen to a live audio stream of the panel discussion. Just press play. Listen as long as you like; come and go as you please. Observing the panel review process has never been easier or more widely accessible.