This month, the Arizona Commission on the Arts will present a two-part webinar for teaching artists interested in taking their instruction online. Over two sessions, teaching artist Koryn Woodward Wasson will lead an exploration of the tools, technology, and techniques available to help teaching artists provide effective online classes.

Session #1: Getting ready to teach online!

Join Koryn Woodward Wasson, local teaching artist, for an exploration and explanation of instruction and technology approaches for teaching online arts classes. We will be covering all of the things (equipment, platform, and mindset) you need to have before you go live!

Session #2: Art Instruction in the online classroom

Join Koryn Woodward Wasson, local teaching artist, in a discussion about teaching art online. We will be covering the appearance of your live class, inclusion your students in the interactive portion of your class, and tips on troubleshooting in a whole new world. Online, interactive art instruction is an opportunity to reach more students, and expand your instructional relationship with current students, you will love having this as a tool in and out of your classroom!