In June of 2020, the Arizona Department of Education (ADOE) released AZ Arts and Physical Education Re-entry Guidelines in the Roadmap for Reopening Schools. These guidelines provided an operating framework to contextualize the unique arts and physical education considerations that local education agencies (LEAs), all districts and charters, should consider when reopening schools. The June guidance provided general considerations but lacked specific examination of each artistic discipline and physical education environment.

On July 29, 2020, ADOE published Arts & Physical Education Re-Entry; A Disciplined Approach to Active and Creative Learning. This new publication provides more detailed and specific guidance for arts and physical education classrooms.

Over 85 arts and physical education practitioners from across the state created this guidance to provide content specific information & resources to the state. The document offers an in-depth look at arts & physical education re-entry considerations and builds upon the earlier release, AZ Arts and Physical Education Re-entry Guidelines. Thank you to those who lent their expertise so that schools can intentionally plan for student and staff safety in arts and physical education programs in the upcoming year.