We are pleased to report that the $9.8 billion fiscal year 2018 budget signed last week by Governor Doug Ducey includes, for the second year in a row, a one-time $1.5 million appropriation to the Arizona Commission on the Arts. As we celebrate our 50th year as Arizona’s state arts agency, we are proud to have earned this bipartisan vote of support.

By maintaining level funding for the Arts Commission, the state’s leadership acknowledges the vital role that artists and arts organizations play in Arizona’s communities as innovators and creative catalysts. The arts are an economic driver, enhance the education of our young people, and create opportunities for dialogue and understanding among and within Arizona’s diverse communities. This funding will create, expand, and improve opportunities for Arizonans to engage in the arts in communities across the state.

Our sincere thanks go to the thousands of arts advocates who spoke boldly and clearly about the power of the arts to move Arizona forward in positive ways. And for their steadfast work to secure this funding, we offer special thank yous to Governor Ducey and his staff, State Legislative champions from both sides of the aisle, and Arizona Citizens for the Arts, Arizona’s statewide arts advocacy network.

As always, we look forward to connecting with you as we activate our slate of programs and support for FY2018. Onward!


Robert C. Booker
Executive Director
Arizona Commission on the Arts