Award: Research & Development Grant

Discipline: Visual Arts

Project Collaborator(s):  

City/Town: Phoenix

Year: 2019

Artist Website:

As a part of her long-term, interdisciplinary project titled Beyond the Vessel, Amanda Mollindo will engage in research that explores the history, evolution, and conditions of reproductive healthcare policy and practices in the United States as it affects patients and providers. For the last two years, Mollindo has interviewed individuals who face limited options, social stigmatization, and other obstacles in their pursuit of reproductive healthcare and family planning resources. She intends to conduct at least 50 such video interviews across the United States and produce large format photographic portraits of each participant. Mollindo will also creates still-life photographs representing family planning techniques employed prior to the advent of modern medicine.

Building on her current research and creative practice, Mollindo plans to experiment with photographic and printmaking processes to visually interpret pertinent information. Through this interdisciplinary approach, she aims to shift the narrative of reproductive health away from emotionally charged public discourse to focus on first-hand accounts from patients and providers.


A woman’s hand holding a frame that contains an old photo of her and
her daughter.

Pomegranates and Honey

May 2017
16 x 20 in. Archival Inkjet Print

Amanda Mollindo is a visual artist who cultivates beauty and clarity to amplify stories that matter. By finding relevance in complex ideas and nuance in difficult topics, she uses photography to explore personal, familial, and societal relationships that are often stigmatized or ignored.

After a quiet upbringing in Yuma, Arizona, Amanda followed her passion for the arts by pursuing a BFA in Photography at Arizona State University, where she graduated with honors in 2015. There, she took an interdisciplinary approach to her education by combining photography, storytelling, and digital media in her creative practice. She continues to live in the Phoenix Valley and exhibit work throughout the state. Her creative projects have received both local and national recognition, including the Scottsdale Museum of Contemporary Art’s Good ‘n Plenty Artist Award, the SPE Student Award for Innovation in Imaging, the Jose Franco and Francisca Ocampo Quesada Research Award, the Arizona’s Scholastic Golden Key Award and more.