I would teach children music, physics and philosophy, but most importantly music, for the patterns of music and all the arts are the keys of learning. – Plato

Do you believe that Arizona students should have access to the arts?  If you do, you’re in good company: according to a recent Harris Poll, over 93% of Americans agree that the arts are vital to providing children with a well-rounded education.

A tremendous body of research stands behind the benefits of arts education for students, including improved academic performance, greater leadership and social skills, advanced creative problem solving skills, and overall enhanced ability to compete in a 21st Century workforce.  Not to mention the mountain of evidence supporting the positive effects of arts-based learning on school attendance, student motivation and a child’s sense of belonging.

But for kids struggling with academic, social or familial challenges, the arts can change lives – as the arts offer safe outlets for creative expression, teach vital life skills and keep kids on the right track.

To learn more about the value of the arts, how the arts community enriches in-school arts education, and the state of arts education in Arizona, review the documents posted here and watch videos of Arizonans articulating just how the arts impact their lives. Next, visit the Arts Learning section and Resource Library for information about the Arts Commission’s many programs and services offered in the area of Arts Learning. Then join the effort to make sound decisions in support of Arizona kids and the future of our state.