Title of Resource: Artists and the Economic Recession Survey
Published: May 2010
Publishing Organization: Leveraging Investments in Creativity
Document Type: Report
Document Format: PDF
Summary: Individual artists, like other workers, are struggling with the recession. Leveraging Investments in Creativity (LINC) commissioned an artists and the economic recession research study in 2009 to better understand the financial and psychological impacts of the economic downturn on U.S. artists, and to guide future actions on artists’ behalf. The research findings confirmed that most artists struggle to make ends meet financially and that this struggle is even more pronounced in tough economic times. The study also confirmed our observation that artists are remarkably resourceful  in responding to the ebbs and flows of opportunity. Perhaps most importantly, the study found that a significant majority of artists feel especially inspired now, excited by changes they see taking place in our society, and optimistic about the future despite their current financial challenges.

Link: http://www.lincnet.net/sites/all/files/10_1006_LINC%20recession_report_sp.pdf