South Phoenix is one or nine communities represented in the inaugural cohort of the AZ Creative Communities Institute (AZCCI). A program of Arizona Commission on the Arts and ASU Herberger Institute for Design and the Arts, with guidance from Southwest Folklife Alliance, AZCCI offers small teams, made up of diverse members of Arizona communities, a unique opportunity to explore the many ways creativity can be put to work for positive community impact.

About South Phoenix

South Phoenix as described by Franco Hernandez, Julio Reyna, Sharifa Rowe, and Ricky Araiza

Team Members

Mario Alvarez,
Fernando Cordova,
Franco Hernandez, Community Organizer
Julio Reyna, Community Organizer

Artist Collaborator(s)



Team South Phoenix’s project will be an effort to strengthen our community by connecting local Artists with local organization and the demographics they serve in a joint effort to beautify their respective spaces. While doing so providing interested artists an introductory to working with grants and raising awareness to resources said organizations offer. Ten artists will be selected and paired with one of two locations based on their preference. Both locations are located in the area of 16st and southern in South Phoenix. One location will be Zion Early Start a daycare which primarily serves people of color from low income area codes that offers 24hr service. The other will be a space shared by a Community radio station(KDIF102.9) and an alternative high school named Hope Academy. KDIF is a LPFM station that serves as a platform for disenfranchised voices of the community and Hope Academy is a alternative high school that serves minority at risk youth. they share a the campus of an old elementary school the closed. At both locations artists will work alongside staff, youth and volunteers to create murals that follow a specific theme chosen by the community. The project will begin as soon as funding is received and will have an unveiling event at completion in mid June.

Additional Information and Project Updates