Flagstaff is one or nine communities represented in the inaugural cohort of the AZ Creative Communities Institute (AZCCI). A program of Arizona Commission on the Arts and ASU Herberger Institute for Design and the Arts, with guidance from Southwest Folklife Alliance, AZCCI offers small teams, made up of diverse members of Arizona communities, a unique opportunity to explore the many ways creativity can be put to work for positive community impact.

About Flagstaff

“We live in a geographic wonder, which happens when you have elevation variations from 4000 feet [Sedona] to nearly 13,000 feet [Mt Humphrey’s]. What this creates is dynamic landscapes and dynamic people. Walk around Flagstaff on any given day and notice the level of physical fitness of our populace, which is not surprising given the access to mountain trails for bicycling and running, sheer cliffs for rock climbers, and endless summits for hikers. On the first Friday of every month our community comes to downtown Flagstaff to support our local artists, many of whom make the natural beauty of our area come to life with paintings and photographs of our red rocks, purple mountains, green forests, and sunsets that make the spectrum come to life. Our proximity to the Navajo Reservation opens up another dynamic, both in culture and in artistry.
Another benefit to the Flagstaff community is the world class family environment. It is a rare day not to see children on our playgrounds in the summer or sledding or engaging in snowball fights in the winter. I like to say my children have the opportunity to make a new best friend on a daily basis in Flagstaff, as there are families everywhere we go. In fact, Flagstaff even celebrates New Year’s at 10PM so families with young children can be involved in the downtown festivities. Although this basic outline leaves a lot unsaid, it makes for a pretty good description of why I choose to live in Flagstaff. ”

Mike Olson, Flagstaff Resident

Team Members

Sarah Douthit, Chief Probation Officer, Coconino County Adult Probation
Elizabeth Dublinski, Domestic Violence Victim Advocate, Victim Witness Services for Coconino County
Stephanie Gerst, Probation Officer, Coconino County Adult Probation
Mike Olson, Community Restitution Coordinator, Coconino County Adult Probation
Keli Openshaw, Senior Service Line Programs Developer, Flagstaff Medical Center

Artist Collaborator(s)

Maddie Adams


A Flagstaff Team made up of employees from Coconino County Victim Witness,Coconino County Adult Probation, and Creative Spirits Art Studio is bringing the community beautiful art. Our team desires to obtain a greater understanding of what constitutes a healthy relationship and express that via art with community input.

Additional Information and Project Updates