Are you an artist, arts administrator or art educator? Do you need support for participation in skill building activities that contribute to your artistic development and/or professional growth? Do you want to attend a conference or seminar or workshop that would enhance your skill set, inspire creativity, facilitate networking with peers and mentors? Do you have ideas for opportunities that would serve the same purpose and take your work to new heights or in a different direction? If so, tell us about it by applying for a Professional Development Grant!

The Arizona Commission on the Arts continues to support individuals by offering a limited number of Professional Development Grants (a subset of the Quick Turnaround Grants category of mini-grants) with January 14, 2011 being the last deadline of the fiscal year. This spans the period from January 1 through June 30, 2011 during which a particular event or opportunity must occur.

Grants up to $750 must be matched by a minimum of 25% of the grant amount (i.e. $187.50 for a full $750 grant award) and the budget can be a combination of funds from various sources. Grant funds can be used towards registration fees, travel, lodging and meal expenses and are meant to supplement the overall budget, not cover all expenses. Please refer to our website at  for more details about the guidelines and process and to access the application form.

Professional Development Grants have made a variety of opportunities possible for arts administrators, art educators and artists in all disciplines, and have often served as a pivotal point in a person’s career. Make a compelling case as to why a particular self-identified activity or opportunity was selected and how it will have a substantial impact on your work and/or community – and send in your application by the January 14, 2011 deadline!

Jaya Rao
Accessibility and Grants Coordinator