Local First Arizona and the Arizona Commission on the Arts invite you to engage with the newly formed Arizona Economic Recovery Center (AZERC) to drive new resources and revenue into the arts sector.

Through the American Rescue Plan and other upcoming investments, new federal funding will soon be available via a dizzying array of programs and agencies.

In response, the Arizona Economic Recovery Center is aggregating federal, state, municipal, Tribal, and foundation funding opportunities into easy-to-read templates to distill information and help small nonprofit organizations—including arts organizations—access critical investments supporting relief and recovery.

In addition, and most importantly, the AZERC has a team of grant writers, facilitators, project managers, and bookkeepers who are dedicated to supplement arts organizations’ capacity as they work to access these funding opportunities.


Qualifying communities:

  • Meet the definition of Rural as defined by the Arizona Commerce Authority, or be in LMI urban census tracts
  • Do not have a dedicated staff for development
  • Are interested in applying for work that supports a regional or local strategic plan
  • Have a proposed application that includes at least 3 partnering organizations
  • Have an idea that can be initiated before 2023

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We encourage you to visit the AZERC website to learn more about how to qualify for pro bono assistance at

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Support Services

Grant Writing & Support

Sometimes the greatest obstacle to obtaining funding for community projects is navigating the grant writing process. Our team of grant professionals provides guidance that helps to quantify the need, develop a budget, and formulate clear objectives for the project that will ensure your grant is competitive.


Many community projects get stuck somewhere between idea and execution. Our community facilitators can help to balance differing opinions, overcome roadblocks, and maximize community engagement to ensure your project moves forward with a clear vision, accountability, and goals.

Project Management

Grants operate under a variety of rules and regulations, often with strict deadlines and reporting requirements. Our team can assist in outlining a project management process, milestones, and deadlines that can keep your project on track and your organization in compliance with all grant requirements.

Capacity Building

Although a variety of funding opportunities may have presented themselves to your organization or community in the past, you may have found that the resources did not exist to execute the desired project. From building a volunteer base to organizing a full-fledged nonprofit organization, we can help to identify capacity opportunities in your community and develop an accountability plan that ensures success.

Strategic Planning

It has been said that the best way to accomplish a goal is to write it down. Strategic planning at the business, nonprofit, and even community level does not have to be a drawn out or draining process. Our team can execute quick action plans or comprehensive strategic plans that address the resources, timelines, and outcomes desired for projects of any size.

Technical Assistance

Community and organizational grants can require a variety of skills to properly execute. Our team can help address any limitations or skills gaps that may inhibit a successful grant through technical assistance, one-on-one coaching, and professional guidance from a variety of mentors in our network.


Managing finances can be one of the biggest challenges of grant management. Our team can provide tools, resources, and even accounting services that align your bookkeeping and accounting processes. We can help you maximize funding and streamline the reimbursement process while providing a strong financial foundation for your project.

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Organization/Company: Local First Arizona
Location: Arizona
Deadline: Ongoing
How to Apply: We encourage you to visit the AZERC website to learn more about how to qualify for pro bono assistance at