Organizational Description

One Step Beyond, Inc. is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization and a Department of Economic Security, Division of Developmental Disability (DES/DDD) Licensed, Contracted Provider Agency. Our Vision is a world in which individuals with disability are fully in-cluded in all aspects of community life and are appreciated for the contributions they can make to their community. Our Mission is to provide programs and services that em-power individuals with disability to realize the opportunities that lead to achieving the fundamental components of a fulfilling life: maximum independence, meaningful work, enriching social relationships, and full inclusion in community life. We offer programs in vocational development, employment, and placement; life skills training, focusing on social skill development, functional literacy, and household management; recreation and fitness, including Special Olympics; and cultural arts opportunities.

Job Description

The Music Program Coordinator is responsible for the development and oversight of the Music program, including program curriculum, lessons, supplies, events and member development. This position will coordinate activities with Life Skills and Vocational Programs Directors and Supervisors to ensure implementation of music curriculum that helps members meet their ISP goals. The Music Program Coordinator will facilitate all necessary actions in order to bring success for the program members and the programs while also supporting the achievements of program participants and realizing the Vision and Mission of OSBI.


  • 2+ years of music performance and/or teaching experience.
  • 1+ years working with individuals with intellectual disability.
  • Proficient in computer use (Microsoft Office Applications & scheduling software).
  • Demonstration of strong experience in: leadership, innovation, reliability, and effective communication.
  • Strong organizational, inventory, curriculum and course preparation and delivery skills.
  • Ability to accurately interpret DDD program specifications and policies and implement them with guidance from the Recreational Program Director.
  • Appropriate certifications and clearance according to DDD State Regulations.
  • Good driving record, must pass MVR inquiry.


Job Performance

  • Partner with the Recreation Supervisor and Special Programs Developer to develop, deliver, and continuously improve the responsiveness of the Music Program curriculum by planning and facilitating meaningful daily program and individualized member schedules to address their needs, interests, aptitudes, and ISP goals and objectives.
  • Assess, plan and develop individualized and music class programming and curriculum for all One Step Beyond program members, including design and direction of all music classes and technique, karaoke, music appreciation, composition, band rehearsal, and performance preparation for the music program participants, as well as providing direction for safety in recreation and performance settings and ensuring access to music opportunity for all OSBI Members.
  • Develop and complete daily and monthly music data collection and progress reports for all One Step Beyond Music program participants and provide this to Life Skill and Recreation Program Supervisor upon request.
  • Partner with the Recreation Supervisor to plan performance communications and other print materials, as well as assisting in development of budgets and submission of accurate data and receipts to the Finance Department.

Customer Service

  • Project a professional, knowledgeable, and capable image consistent with the One Step Beyond mission in public interactions.
  • Consider the welfare, growth and development of program members as a top priority in all organizational and program decision making, planning, and development, and model and demonstrate appropriate behavior management techniques (Article 9 training) with program members.
  • Communicate effectively and in a timely manner with members, parents/guardians and community partners to address concerns, maintain positive relationships, and serve as an advocate for members and a resource for parents/guardians.

Leadership/Team Collaboration

  • Collaborate with the Recreation Supervisor to develop and implement strategies to schedule meaningful Recreation classes for members and ensure that classes and performance opportunities are provided on all OSBI Campuses.
  • Serve as a model and mentor to the Direct support staff and all other Team members in the Recreation and Life Skills Program through hands-on observation and involvement to ensure that the staff members have clear defined roles and are aware of the requirements of their tasks, as well as demonstrating familiarity with One Step Beyond, Inc. Employee Manual and personnel policies.
  • Handle difficult situations with a positive attitude by actively seeking problem resolution, creative solutions, and program and organizational enhancements to ensure individual and team performance as well as program effectiveness.
  • Motivate direct support staff to achieve effective collaborative interaction and mutual respect and support within the Recreation and Life skills Programs and OSBI organization as a whole, and serve as backup to all direct support staff should the need arise for staffing ratios and transportation driving.

Continuous Improvement

  • Continuously evaluate program effectiveness, and implement improvements and adjustments to program strategies.
  • Seek opportunities to collaborate with and learn from colleagues to achieve a greater degree of service to the organization and its program members.
  • Demonstrate self-awareness of strengths and challenges and implement strategies to enhance strengths and address challenges.
  • Seek opportunities to share knowledge, experience, and best practices with col-leagues to enhance organizational and program effectiveness.


Organization/Company: One Step Beyond, Inc.
Location: Glendale, AZ
Deadline: Open until filled
How to Apply: To apply you can send your resume to [email protected] Please make sure to list what position you are applying for and an relevant experience you have for this position. Also please include any experience you have working or personal with individuals with developmental disabilities.