Wonderspaces creates art shows that make the world’s creativity accessible to all. We believe that art can play a role in the lives of those it does not reach today, if it can be made accessible. We’re building a bridge between artists and new audiences, designing shows where visitors share creativity with the people they care about. Our mission is to create shared understanding through shared experiences.

Job Description
While every member of the Wonderspaces team contributes to an extraordinary visitor experience, Guides are directly responsible for it. With actions that range from explaining an artist’s intentions to visitors to collecting feedback from them, Guides are the heartbeat of a Wonderspaces show. Guides must be effective communicators, well-presented, adaptable, and engaging.

Job Responsibilities
● Represent and communicate Wonderspaces mission to visitors in a positive, authentic way in accordance with our values, and standards ● Be the champion of the visitor experience by adhering to established systems and processes ● Become well versed in all artist and installation information to clearly communicate and engage visitors in a consistent and friendly manner ● Support various functions of the overall show experience, across all departments (including but not limited to: artwork guide, ticketing, reception, customer service, maintenance and shop/snack bar sales) ● Ensure the overall cleanliness and safety of exhibition space Job Expectations ● Must demonstrate exceptional customer service and communication skills ● Maintain a neat and professional appearance ● Able to handle high-volume customer service/visitor foot traffic ● High energy and self-motivated

Scottsdale, AZ

$13.50 / hour


Organization/Company: Wonderspaces
Location: Scottsdale, AZ
Deadline: Open until filled
How to Apply: Please send resume to