The U.S. Department of Arts and Culture is seeking a strategic, experienced consultant to help deepen the financial health and long-term sustainability that makes the people-powered department effective and inspiring.

This person will join the USDAC effort to strengthen the fundraising pipeline identifying and pursuing fresh funding opportunities. Importantly, this person will not be expected to write grants, or participate in additional organizational responsibilities. Instead, this person will be executing a funding strategy with flexibility and independence, with collaborative input from USDAC as needed. This funding strategy may consist, in part, of:

Researching, cultivating and pursuing new funding opportunities
Making critical introductions between USDAC team members and potential donors or funders
Capitalizing on USDAC’s existing fundraising plan by expanding funding avenues to potentially include grassroots fundraising, fee-for-service opportunities and other non-grant-based funding
Stewarding funder relationships from individual contacts into deep, organizational relationships

While this person will not be asked to participate in the team’s daily organizational activities, they are still an integral part of the organization’s mission. Their work will lead to ensuring solid organizational foundations, and helping to create the conditions through which a growing team can support and activate the USDAC’s network of 30,000+ artists,
cultural organizers, educators, policy-makers, arts administrators, activists and allies.

This contract will ideally begin in March of 2021. This is a fixed-amount contract at $21,000. The timeline for the contract will be proposed by the candidate and approved collaboratively with the Co-Directors. There will be no preference given to a speedier or longer execution of the contract. We remain interested in the health of the organization’s pipeline, whether that takes 8 months or 18 months.

This person should be explicitly excited about the opportunity to contribute to the development of organizational processes, capacity and strategy in a time of significant internal and external transition. We have previously contracted with a Development Consultant, who has created a development plan for the organization. We are not asking
this new role to recreate that, but to reinvigorate and execute that plan.

As a fiscally sponsored project, the USDAC has maintained an agile core infrastructure. We desire to maintain our nimbleness and flexibility while co-manifesting leadership in ways that model the collaborative ethos and cultural transformation we seek in the world. We envision—and have begun to create—an organizational model that de-centers the traditional role of the ED, distributes leadership among many “stewards,” creates intentional space for Indigenous, Black and Person of Color leadership, and enables visionary practitioners to lead projects and leverage the USDAC network as a commons for powerful cultural work. The Fundraising Consultant can play a key part in stewarding our
organizational shift and implementing our collective vision.


Meaningful development experience, particularly in times of transition
Commitment to collaborative leadership and working in partnership
Experience and comfort working remotely
Strong work ethic and ability to work autonomously
Ability to handle multiple, concurrent and high priority projects simultaneously
Strong writing and communication skills


Building on/customizing/updating USDAC’s existing fundraising plan to bring it into reflection of the organization’s current work
Secure financial support from individuals, foundations and other sources
Work in collaboration with Co-Director to determine what, if any, fundraising software is necessary to ensure long-term financial health
Develop and maintain ongoing relationships with new donors
Investigate a potential strategy for a sustained base of annual individual donors
Represent the values and vision of the USDAC in partnerships with allied organizations, stakeholders, network members, elected officials and others
Practice timely reporting, communication and engagement


The U.S. Department of Arts and Culture (USDAC) was founded in 2013 as a people-powered department— a grassroots action network inciting creativity and social imagination to shape a culture of empathy, equity, and belonging. We connect artists, organizers, and allies in an ever-expanding learning community by sharing vital information and creative tactics, taking action together, and devising policies and programs to catalyze culture shift in the service of social and environmental justice. (The USDAC is not a government agency.)


Organization/Company: US Department of Arts and Culture
Location: Washington, DC
Deadline: February 26, 2021
How to Apply: Click here to access the application form:
Be sure to read instructions at the top of the form and to submit by February 26th