Manage online venue rental listings
Respond to all venue rental inquiries and facilitate venue rental tours
Collect information due from all venue renters prior to rental and verify approvals
Cultivate and maintain relationships with all venue renters (annual celebration emails, invitations to events, etc.)
Purchase items for on-site events, as needed
Assist with all venue rentals, as needed
Assist with, and at, all Shemer Art Center events, which include:

Art in the Garden
Southwest MicroLiving
Furry Friends Fine Arts Festival
Shemer Arizona Arts Festival
Shemer Honors
Meet the Gift Shop Artists Day

Hours: 16-20 per week, some evenings and Saturdays

Rate:  Hourly, to be determined based on experience.

Benefits: Exempt


Organization/Company: Shemer Art Center and Museum Association, Inc. (SACAMA)
Location: Phoenix, AZ
Deadline: February 20, 2019
How to Apply: To Apply:  Submit a cover letter and resume to  Applications will be accepted until February 20, 2019