Detour Company Theatre is a 501(c)(3) non-profit that provides theater training and performance experiences for adults with cognitive and physical disabilities, giving them authentic opportunities to develop artistry, demonstrate courage and collaboration, experience joy and participate in the sharing of musical theater with the entire community.

These adults may have disabilities including (but not limited to) autism, cognitive and physical challenges, deafness, and blindness, which require additional support and adaptive techniques. We work to create rewarding programming that supports existing skills and celebrates the development of new ones.

We also serve as a resource to the community–both to support those who want to work in the field of arts and disability, and to those who are eager to celebrate the talent, creativity, and artistic potential of all people.


At present, this job is funded as a part-time position for about 10-15 hours per week, with the hopes that additional funding identified will increase the hours. The starting wage is between $800-1,200 a month, based on experience.

Minimum qualifications:
Prior experience in the area of development
Knowledge of fundraising strategies
Strong interpersonal relationship skills

Fund Raising Development
• Corporate Fundraising: cultivate and steward
• Individual Giving: cultivate and steward
• Identify and steward new funding opportunities
• Donor Retention (i.e. Mail programs, thank-you letters, tributes, memorials, etc.)
• Initiate AZ Gives Day, Giving Tuesday, etc. campaigns
• Special events
• Create / Maintain comprehensive current donor list
• Provide reports for the board on grants and development Create a Development calendar
• Identify and obtain in-kind donations/support

• Identify grant opportunities
• Write Grants or work with the contracted grant writer
• Track and Report on grant applications (follow-up)
• Create a Grants calendar

Development Materials
• Develop a sponsorship package
• Work with Artistic Director to coordinate the end-of-year campaign (materials, letter, etc.)
• Distribute end-of-year donor tax letters


Organization/Company: Detour Company Theatre
Location: Scottsdale, AZ
Deadline: Applicants will be accepted until the position is filled.
How to Apply: To apply, please send a cover letter of interest and a current resume to [email protected]