All Saints’ Episcopal Day School in Phoenix seeks an experienced and talented visual arts educator to begin October 2018. We value candidates who are passionate about art, have a love for teaching, and are innovative and knowledgeable about how to make visual arts come alive both in and out of the classroom. Candidates must be able to demonstrate how iPads aid in the study and production of visual art as our school has 1:1 iPads. We place a high value on community and seek candidates who have excellent interpersonal skills and who work well with students, colleagues, and parents. This is a highly collaborative position with the other art teacher as well as performing arts and other grade levels or disciplines.

All Saints’ also places a high value on creating a diverse faculty and staff that reflects the cultural richness of Phoenix. A full-time position is teaching visual art to grades kindergarten through eight and advising a group of 9–11 middle school students, as well as the other responsibilities of being an independent school educator. There are additional responsibilities, art shows, and performances throughout the year that require attendance at evening and weekend events.

The mission of All Saints’ Episcopal Day School is to educate children in the light of God—mind, body, and soul—in a nurturing community. We combine academic excellence with spiritual and moral formation, preparing students to lead fruitful lives and to serve a world in need. We are looking for candidates who wish to be an integral part of a community that works together to educate children head to soul.

Responsibilities include:

Innovation and Leadership
Professional Growth
• Commit to expertise and growth in discipline content and methodology
• Maintain professional reading (books and journals) and engage in meaningful dialogue around reading with colleagues
• Engage in one learning experience such as taking a course, attending a conference, participating in a webinar that directly supports identified strategic goals
• Learn, apply, and integrate technology as appropriate

Curriculum and Program
Instructional Management
• Maintain an academic environment that is supportive of all learners
• Utilize and develop learning outcomes for specified curriculum
• Integrate and use technology to enhance student learning and achievement
• Plan instructional activities in collaboration with grade level colleagues, attending weekly collaborative planning meetings
• Demonstrate a passion for subject content, skill mastery and foster a love of learning

Classroom Management
• Maintain a positive and structured learning environment
• Establish a student-centered classroom with a focus on student learning and individualized growth
• Classroom environment has an atmosphere of trust, consistency, and respect

Student and Team Student Support
• Serve as an advisor to 10–12 students
• Plan activities in collaboration with grade level advisory team, attending regular collaborative planning meetings
• Provide before-school or after-school assistance to students as needed
• Understand and implement Student Success Plans
• Maintain timely, respectful, and proactive communication with parents; schedule meetings as necessary with parents to address concerns
• Participate in field trips and other curriculum enhancing activities

Administrative Tasks
• Prepare grade reports, progress reports, attendance reports, and other such reports promptly and in accordance with school policy or at the request of the division head
• Execute all duties in a timely manner (hold class on time, supervise students outside of classroom time as designated, meet deadlines, etc.)
• Attend meetings and participate in committees as directed by the Head of Middle School or Head of School
• Participate in the ASEDS community activities outside of school hours

Mission and Culture
• Promote and maintain a collegial, educational environment throughout the campus
• Collaborate effectively with colleagues and administration following the expectations stated in the All Saints’ Faculty/Staff Norms
• Abide by the spirit and policies in the Employee Handbook
• Uphold the spirit and guidelines of The All Saints’ Way

• Bachelor’s degree in Art, Education or related field
• Current teaching experience, preferably in the arts
• Education, training and/or experience in forward-thinking pedagogical approaches and theory
• Ability to utilize and integrate technology to transform instruction
• Ability to connect well with others including students, parents, colleagues, and administrative staff
• Creativity, passion for the subject matter, and a positive attitude
• An appreciation for and an understanding of the social, emotional, educational and developmental needs of learners ages 5–14.


Organization/Company: All Saints' Episcopal Day School
Location: Phoenix, AZ
Deadline: November 30, 2018
How to Apply: Please submit a cover letter, resume and statement of educational philosophy to Consideration of all candidates will take place until an offer is made and accepted.