Resources posted here offer prospective grant applicants information related to applying for Arizona Commission on the Arts grants.

Application requirements vary based on the applicant organization’s CIG Level and whether or not the organization received a grant in Fiscal Year 2019.

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The Arizona Commission on the Arts currently accepts all grant applications and final reports through an online submission platform called Submittable.

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Submittable Technical Support
Email: [email protected]
Phone: (855) 467-8264, ext. 2

DataArts is a powerful online data management tool designed to strengthen arts and culture organizations nationwide. Organizations enter financial, programmatic, and operational data into a standardized online form and can then produce a variety of reports based on this data, including the DataArts Funder Report submitted with the CCG application.

If your organization doesn’t already have a profile you can register at

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Orientation to the DataArts Platform from DataArts on Vimeo.

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DataArts Support Center info:
Hours: Monday – Friday 9:00am to 7:00pm ET
Email: [email protected]
Phone: (877) 707-DATA (877) 707-3282
Fax: (215) 383-0752

Grant Application Process

The application process for Arts Commission grants varies somewhat from year to year and from program to program, but the timeline mapped out below is generally applicable. Specific dates and milestones can be found on each grant’s info page and guidelines.


8-12 weeks before the application deadline, grant guidelines are published.

The grant guidelines include a description of the grant and its purpose, eligibility requirements, funding restrictions, the criteria by which applications will be evaluated, and instructions on how to apply.


Though we advise all applicants to begin drafting the content of their applications as soon as guidelines are published, applications cannot be submitted until the online submission portal opens, approximately 8 weeks before the deadline.


Applicants are encouraged to take full advantage of the time available to work on their application. Begin early to ensure you have sufficient time to edit, revise, and ask questions. As Submittable allows you to save your progress, there is no need to complete the full application in one session.

For some grants you may be required to submit an Intent to Apply letter before the application deadline. Be sure to review the grant guidelines thoroughly to ensure you are meeting all requirements.

Applications are reviewed first by Arts Commission staff for eligibility. Eligible applications are then assigned to members of he review panel for independent review in preparation for the panel review meeting.

Approximately 8 weeks after the application deadline, a panel is convened to review the applications. Each panelist will have already reviewed each application, but now they will have an opportunity to discuss as a body and finalize their evaluations. The panel ends their meeting by making recommendations for funding.

Click here to learn more about the panel review process.

Funding recommendations are presented to the Arts Commission’s Governor-appointed board of commissioners at their quarterly meetings. Grants are only awarded after the board of commissioners have voted to approve the panel’s recommendations.