Creative Capacity Grants provide general operating support to arts and culture organizations of all sizes, local arts agencies, and arts and culture organizations from Tribal Nations, whose primary mission is to produce, present, teach or serve the arts.

The application period for FY2023 Creative Capacity Grants is now closed.

Guidelines and applicant resources for FY2024 Creative Capacity Grants will be published on February 15, 2023.

Applications will be due April 6, 2023.

Multi-Year Application Cycle

CCGs are awarded on a multi-year funding cycle. That means that organizations submit a full application once every three years. In an effort to ease an applicant’s administrative effort, on their two alternate years, grantees submit only a brief application update and do not undergo panel review.


To begin the multi-year rotation, organizations who applied at Levels 6, 7 and 8 will be required to submit a full application this year, while all other FY2023 grantees will be in an alternate year.

Returning applicants: Check the chart below to see if you will be in your full or alternate year in FY2024.

Fiscal Year CCG Levels 1-3 CCG Levels 4-5 CCG Levels 6-8
FY2023 Full Application Full Application Full Application
FY2024 Alternate Year Alternate Year Full Application
FY2025 Alternate Year Full Application Alternate Year
FY2026 Full Application Alternate Year Alternate Year


Please note: regardless of Level, full applications will be required of any organization that did not apply for FY2023 funding or was not awarded funding for FY2023. 

Who is it for?

The Creative Capacity Grants (CCG) program is open to Arizona arts and culture organizations that:

  • are incorporated as a nonprofit organization with tax-exempt status or are a unit of government∗
  • have a primary mission to produce, present, teach or serve the arts
  • have a minimum annual budget of $4,000 (see Grant Levels & Award Ranges section below for more information)
  • will incur eligible expenses during the funding period of July 1, 2022 – June 30, 2023

Multidisciplinary or multipurpose organizations are eligible for CCGs if they meet the above requirements and are able to demonstrate that the arts comprise over 51% of the organization’s public programming and budget. Multidisciplinary or multipurpose organizations are strongly encouraged to contact staff before submitting a CCG application to discuss eligibility (see FAQ).

∗ unincorporated organizations with an annual budget under $200,000 (levels I-IV) that are otherwise eligible may apply through a nonprofit fiscal sponsor.

Please note, while an organization or unit of government may be eligible for more than one grant program, the Arts Commission limits the number of applications that may be submitted across programs to one application per entity per funding period. Organizations applying for a Creative Capacity Grant in Fiscal Year 2023 may not apply for any other Arts Commission grants for organizations.