Vibrant City Grants are intended to activate Tempe through the inclusion of arts and cultural participation, celebration of diversity, building community connections, and supporting local arts. This grant is available to individual artists, non-profit organizations, and community groups to produce arts-related performances, festivals, and activities that encourage community participation in the arts. Grant awards are available for $250-$750 + free space, requests for $250 that are free and open to the community do not require matching funds.

This grant may fund, but is not limited to:
• Public Performances
• Visual Arts Showcases/Projects
• Community Event/Program
• Artist Residencies
• Panel Discussions
• Community-Led Projects
• Artist/Organization Development
• Capacity Building Programming
• Social and Civic Engaged Projects

The city is able to provide free space for events funded by this grant in:
• Tempe’s Public Parks
• BRiC at the Tempe Public Library
• Edna Vihel Center
• Tempe History Museum
• Escalante Multi-Generational Center
• North Tempe Multi-Generational Center
• Cahill Senior Center
• Pyle Adult Recreation Center
• Westside Multi-Generational Center

At least 6 weeks before project start date

• Applicants may request $250-$750. Grant requests over $250 must match their requested amount with additional cash contributions. For example; if you ask for $500, you need to provide $250 as the first $250 does not require a match.
• Requests may include services of artists and arts educators, professional services, supplies, stipends, production costs, space rental, marketing, printing, travel and food.

• At the time an application is submitted and the grant is awarded, the lead applicant must be an individual artist, community group, or non-profit organization.
• Applicants are only eligible to receive one arts grant from the City of Tempe/year (July 1 through June 30).
• Projects must take place within the City of Tempe in a public community space (ie. School, public facility, park, community center, neighborhood, cultural facility or a space open to the public). Performances and visual arts showcases must take place in non-traditional arts spaces.

This grant does not fund:
• for-profit organizations, for-profit schools or for-profit after-school programs;
• construction or renovation of facilities, capital expenditures, reduction of debt, feasibilities studies, receptions, lobbying expenses, re-granting, scholarship programs or awards;
• organizations that are incorporated for religious purposes or projects that focus on religious themes;
• schools and universities, unless they are partnering with an eligible applicant;
• an applicant who failed to submit a Final Report from a previously funded grant.

Tempe Arts & Culture staff will review applications and will notify applicants once reviewed.

Within 60 days of completing the project, a Final Report must be submitted. The report must be a summary of the project in a visual, digital and/or literary format and include professional quality images. The grant recipient agrees to give the City of Tempe the rights to use any materials submitted in the Final Report for data collection and promotional purposes.

Compile all materials on the checklist and complete the online application:


Organization/Company: City of Tempe
Location: Tempe, AZ
Deadline: At least 6 weeks before project start date
How to Apply: Visit for application guidelines and to apply