Forecast launches toolkit on creative alternatives to in-person arts-based activities, for artists and administrators

Artists and communities need the transformational power of creativity now more than ever. Forecast recognizes the economic crises facing artists during this pandemic and we want to provide guidance on how to keep arts projects active and moving forward, even as we physically isolate.

In response, we created a toolkit with artists, arts organizations, presenting organizations, and others collaborating with artists in mind. It contains strategies for adapting in-person arts-based activities during the COVID-19 pandemic. We are launching the first iteration of this toolkit now and will continue to develop it based on open-source input from you. See below on how to submit examples of how you are adapting your in-person arts-based projects. Each time it is updated, Forecast will automatically email a revised copy of the toolkit to anyone who downloads it.


The toolkit currently includes guidance around:

  • Continuing a project or event that an artist is collaborating with you on
  • Engaging a community in a time of physical distancing
  • Innovating and moving forward rather than freezing a project
  • Keeping artists working during this time

The toolkit includes real-time examples of how these ideas are being carried out, organized by categories that represent a larger idea or structure. We recognize that there is overlap in many of these examples and so have also denoted other categories they fall within. These categories are:

  • Taking it virtual
  • Using what you already have
  • Practicing radical generosity
  • Creating new partnerships
  • Pollinating ideas


Organization/Company: Forcast Public Art
Location: National
Deadline: Ongoing
How to Apply: Download at