Rokeby Artist Lab is a four-day intensive of workshops and discussions designed to foster the integration of history and contemporary art into an artist’s practice. Participating artists will learn how to use Rokeby Museum’s historic site and extensive archives to make artwork that picks up the unfinished work of history and fosters civic engagement in social, economic, and environmental issues. Artists will participate in site-specific tours that connect contemporary issues of race, gender, and the land with comparable experiences by Rokeby’s 19th century residents. Artists will be invited to present a slideshow of their work; receive supportive, critical, curatorial feedback about their ideas; attend talks about contemporary issues and Rokeby Museum; and engage in dialogue with guest artists, museum staff, and the public.


Organization/Company: Kasini House & Rokeby Museum
Location: Ferrisburgh, VT
Deadline: 08/26/2019
How to Apply: Visit for more detailed information about the program, fees, and how to apply.