Application Deadline: May 7, 2021
Submission Form Link:
Project Budget: up to $100,000


Brian Head Town is a small but growing mountain resort community in Southern Utah, about 40 minutes east of Cedar City. Outdoor recreation and tourism form the basis of the local economy–skiing and snow sports in the winter and mountain biking, hiking, and motorsports in the summer. Most of the 1,400 condos and cabins in Brian Head are second homes and rental units.

The Brian Head Town Council recently reviewed several potential economic development initiatives the Town might consider to make the area more attractive for visitors. One such idea was to commission a public art piece that would be iconic in nature–something that serves as a major visual focal point of the Town and an organic social media marketing feature.

A survey of Brian Head Town businesses, residents, and property owners showed broad support for the concept, as well as a variety of suggestions for what type of art piece might work well in Brian Head (see attached survey results).

Brian Head seeks qualified artists to design, construct, and install a public art piece in Brian Head that accomplishes the above-described vision.

This RFQ is open to all professional artists and/or artist-led teams residing in the western United States region, which include the following states: Utah, Arizona, New Mexico, Colorado, Wyoming, Montana, Idaho, Washington, Oregon, California, & Nevada. To be considered, artists must have demonstrated experience accomplishing work of similar scope and scale, and using appropriate materials for climate at 10,000 ft. elevation.

All applicants will be considered regardless of race, gender, gender variance, sexual orientation, national origin, age, religion, marital status, political opinion or affiliation, or mental or physical ability.

The Brian Head Public Art Project Selection Committee seeks an artist or artist-led team to create site-specific artwork that:
x Possesses high aesthetic merit, iconic nature, and marketability.
x Relevance and connection with Brian Head͛s area and community.
x Preferably includes sturdy interactive elements.
x Overall safety of the design is accessible, with minimal hazards.
x Low degree and cost of maintenance.
x Compliant with all applicable codes and or ordinances.
* Site plan, clearances, constraints, dimensions and additional details will be detailed in the artist contracts during the RFP stage (see process below).


Step 1. Request for Qualifications (RFQ)
Interested artists will be asked to submit their qualifications for review (submission form link below) which includes:
x Letter of Intent
x CV / Resume
x Portfolio of Past Work & Projects
x 2 Professional References

All documents should be in PDF format.
All will be taken into consideration for a selection of a maximum of 5 finalists.
Application Deadline for Request for Qualifications: May 7, 2021
Submit Form Link:

Step 2. Request for Proposals (RFP)
The Brian Head Public Art Project Committee will review all properly submitted (RFQ) applications and select no more than 5 finalists to complete an artwork proposal for review.

The selection of an artist or artist-led team as finalists to draft proposals will be based on having met some or all of the following criteria:
x Process and work is compelling and relevant.
x Professional experience demonstrates a developed and successful body of site-specific public art projects of a similar scope and scale, or the ability to understand site specific design as demonstrated by visual documentation;
x Ability to work within deadlines, budget and professional manner;
x Has an authentic relationship/connection to the content/community involved in the work;
x Has created works of permanent nature that do not require excessive maintenance or repair costs and meet public safety requirements.

Each of the chosen finalists (maximum 5 finalists) will:
x Enter into an agreement with the Brian Head Town local government body.
x Be paid a stipend and given 1 month to produce a design concept and budget for review.
x Present their design to a selection committee.
x May be asked to travel to Brian Head to aid additional deliberation between finalists. Travel expenses will be covered and arranged by Brian Head Town.
*The successful proposal will be announced July 31, 2021. Brian Head Town reserves the right to extend this deadline if need be.

After proposal presentations, the Brian Head Public Art Project Committee will recommend an artist or artist-led team to Brian Head Town Council for final approval.


The total commission of up to $100,000 is inclusive of artist͛s fees and related expenses for design͕ supplies, fabrication, insurance, delivery of work(s), travel, permits, and installation. Any fees incurred for design/artwork related  engineering, electrical, infrastructure modifications and assistance from the
contractors shall be the responsibility of the artist. The artist should include a contingency plan of at least 10% of the project͛s commission in the budget for their final proposal͘ The stipends paid to finalists do not come from the commission budget.

Step 1 Applications Due (RFQ): May 7, 2021
Finalists Announced: May 29, 2021
Step 2 Proposals Due (RFP): July 3, 2021
Interviews/Presentations: July 12-16, 2021
Winning Artist & Design Announcement: July 31, 2021
Artwork Fabrication/Installation Completed by: Early Summer 2022
Unveiling to the Public: Mid-Summer 2022

Questions regarding this Request for Qualification may be directed to Bret Howser, Brian Head Town Manager, at the email address listed below. Emails and questions after the deadline (May 7, 2021) will not be answered.

Applicants may be disqualified if any unsolicited contact related to this RFQ is made with a member of the Brian Head Public Art Project Committee after the submission deadline and during the selection process.

All communication between Brian Head Public Art Project Committee and applicants will occur electronically via email.

Contact: Bret Howser, Town Manager, [email protected]


Organization/Company: Brian Head Public Art Project Committee
Location: Brian Head, UT
Deadline: May 7, 2021
How to Apply: Information can also be found at: