WangJun, a native of Yichang, Hubei Prov, PRC and now of Green Valley, Arizona, is scheduled to audition on America’s Got Talent and needs an accompanist.

Wang Jun is a magnificent singer of Chinese traditional and modern love songs and is scheduled for her first audition on America’s Got Talent on January 7th in Las Vegas. She needs a pianist to accompany her for her second and subsequent performances, hopefully before an audience of 10,000 or more in the auditorium, more than a million in the USA and Canada on TV and hundreds of millions in the People’s Republic of China and elsewhere in East Asia. She needs an accompanist who speaks Mandarin so she can communicate with him/her and we will pay for the pianist’s travel to and from and lodging in Las Vegas. Should Wang Jun win the final performance, she will share the winning amount with the accompanist. For better communication, it would help if the pianist speaks Mandarin. Wang Jun lives in Green Valley, AZ, but is available to rehearse in other locations.


Organization/Company: WangJun
Location: Arizona
Deadline: 12/15/2019
How to Apply: Call Richard Welch, agent and manager, at (520) 372-2230 or Wang Jun at (520) 861-2175 or write to [email protected]