Arizona State University at the Downtown Phoenix Campus (DPC) Library is looking for applications from local visual artists (painters, photographers, etc.) interested in exhibiting their work in its Vault Gallery. Lots of space is available.

The library is looking for three separate artists for three separate dates. The dates span the length of each semester (Spring, Summer, and Fall), making art viewing available all Academic Year.

Spring 2021: 1/11/21 to 5/8/21
Summer 2021: 5/17/21 to 8/10/21
Fall 2021: 8/19/21 to 12/11/21
*All art must have wire on the back to display in our Walker Art Display system.


Organization/Company: Arizona State University Library Downtown Phoenix Campus Library
Location: Phoenix, AZ
Deadline: 05/01/2020
How to Apply: Please submit applications to Jackie Young, [email protected] by May 1, 2020. The applications must include a short biography describing the technique of your art as well as information on the collection. These will be posted to the Phoenix Urban Guide as well as different ASU forums dedicated to promoting exhibits.
For more information and policies pertaining to artists exhibiting their work at the Downtown Phoenix campus Vault Gallery, please visit these websites:

Thank you for your time!