NIPAI is organising an international 6-day residential workshop for actors and dancers “Physicality in Performance.”

Dates: 24 – 31 January, 2020
Location: Ragnitz – Austria
The training aims to open the full potential of performer (either dancer or actor). The main principle is to teach actors speak text with physical action inside, and teach dancers to have the inner monologue while they perform. The idea is simple, the training is important.

Main facts:
Practice in cross-cultural and multidisciplinary environment;
Safe place for experiments, improvisation and spontaneity;
Mix of classical theatre techniques with ultra-modern trends in physical theatre training;
Place to learn much more than it is said in the program;
You are welcome to submit your applications for consideration.

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Organization/Company: New International Performing Arts Institute
Location: Ragnitz, Austria
Deadline: Early Registration: May 17, 2019
How to Apply: Contact us: