The City of Flagstaff is soliciting proposals from Mosaicists to create a Mosaic for Joel Montalvo Park.

The Mosaic:

  • Shall not incorporate religious or political iconography and text
  • Shall include textual and/or artistic recognition of Joel Montalvo
  • Shall stand the ‘test of time’ and age gracefully
  • Shall be vandal resistant to the extent possible
  • Shall withstand extreme environmental conditions (freezing, extreme temperature fluctuations, low humidity, etc.)
  • Will incorporate fabrication techniques, materials, finishes and coatings consistent with industry standards that result in an easily maintainable Mosaic
  • shall be a minimum of 300 square feet in size. Configuration and location on the wall shall be as determined by the Mosaicist

The Mosaicist

  • Shall  conduct a minimum of one neighborhood meeting/event to receive input from interested neighborhood stakeholders toward development and refinement of the Mosaic’s theme.
  • Shall present final theme to the BPAC and Parks and Recreation Commission for review prior to the commencement of the actual Mosaic.
  • Shall also organize and direct at least one public Mosaic creation event whose purpose is to engage neighbor residents and grade-school age students in creating and installing the Mosaic.
  • Shall submit a schedule of the planned public engagement events to the City’s representative after award of contract by the BPAC.


Refer to Attachment A. The wall to receive the Mosaic is constructed from 8”x8”x16” concrete masonry units (blocks) and has a painted stucco finish. After the Mosaicist provides the approximate configuration of the Mosaic, the City shall prepare the receiving surface by removing the stucco via sandblasting.


The BPAC will select a Mosaicist to produce a Mosaic based on the Evaluation Criteria described below:

  1. Originality and artistic merit of the Mosaic including visual/aesthetic enjoyment, design quality, and innovation (60 points)
  2. How well the Mosaic incorporates recognition of Joel Montalvo (30 points)
  3. Experience in including neighborhood residents and school-age children in assisting in the design and installation of Mosaics (10 points)



The Mosaicist will enter into contract with the City to provide the Mosaic. Total fee all-inclusive is $35,000

  1. Upon Notice to Proceed. $10,000
  2. Upon notification and confirmation by a city staff visit to Mosaicist’s studio or the site that the Mosaic is 50% complete. $15,000
  3. Upon notification and confirmation by a city staff visit to the site that the Mosaic is 100% complete. $15,000

TOTAL: $35,000

The Mosaicist will submit an invoice for each of the above payments. The City will send progress payments via electronic funds transfer to the Mosaicist’s account within 30 days of submission of an invoice. The City will make final payment within 30 days following receipt and acceptance of the Mosaic.


The BPAC will notify the awardee by August 14, 2018


The following Special Terms and Conditions shall apply:

  • Sign banners that advertise the Mosaicist’s services will comply with Flagstaff Zoning Code § 10-50.100, et seq.: Sign Standards.
  • Mosaicist must comply with the City’s sign code standards for the use of text in exterior Mosaic projects.
  • The Mosaicist will consider long-term conservation and maintenance issues, including diurnal temperature extremes and intense solar radiation characteristic of high elevation locations in the design and installation of the Mosaic. After installation, the City will be solely responsible for all costs and actions associated with maintenance.
  • No lighting shall be used to illuminate the mosaic.
  • The Mosaicist warrants that the Mosaic will be free of defects in workmanship or materials; that the Mosaicist will, at her/his own expense, remedy any defects due to faulty work or materials that appear within a period of two (2) years from the date the Mosaic is accepted by the City; that the Mosaic will not require maintenance substantially in excess of that described in the estimations provided by the Mosaicist to the City; and that the work is durable and can be expected to last 30 years and be substantially intact and recognizable as the Mosaicist originally intended. The Mosaicist agrees to provide the City with information about any warranties for materials or equipment used in the Mosaic and, if possible, to assign such warranties to the City. The Mosaicist will not be responsible for normal wear and tear, exposure to the elements, vandalism or other willful acts by third parties.


  1. The Mosaicist represents to the City that (i) the Mosaic is authentic and created by the Mosaicist or his/her assigns; and (ii) the Mosaicist has the legal authority to convey good title of the Mosaic to the City. Title to the Mosaic will transfer from the Mosaicist to the City upon full payment of the purchase price. The Mosaicist warrants that the Mosaic will be installed free and clear of any liens, claims or other encumbrances. The City will have ownership of the Mosaic.
  2. The Mosaicist grants the City or its designee the exclusive right to display the Mosaic.
  3. All references to the Mosaic by the City or its designee and all reproductions of the Mosaic made by or on behalf of the City or its designee will credit the Mosaic to the Mosaicist.
  4. The Mosaicist authorizes the City and its designee to make photographs and other two-dimensional reproductions of the Mosaic for educational, public relations, promotional and other non-commercial purposes. For purposes of the Contract, the following are deemed to be reproductions for non-commercial purposes:
    1. public art tour brochures and pamphlets pertaining to the City;’
    2. reproductions in exhibition catalogs, books, slides, photographs, postcards, posters, and calendars;
    3. reproduction in art magazines, art books and art and news sections of newspapers;\
    4. reproduction in general books and magazines not primarily devoted to art but of an educational, historical, or critical nature;
    5. slides and film strips not intended for a mass audience; and
    6. broadcasts by any media operated for educational purposes or on programs for educational purposes by any form of media.
  5. The City will have exclusive right to control the location, whether to display the Mosaic or remove/relocate/salvage/destroy the Mosaic after it is installed.


Before submitting an Offer, the Mosaicist may, at his/her option, inspect the site and notify staff at if the Mosaicist believes the site or conditions do not match the description found in the Call to Mosaicists or are unsafe. Mosaicists are strongly encouraged to visit the site.


The City reserves the right to reject any and all offers, or any part thereof. The City reserves the right to accept any Offer in whole or in part, or any line item, and to award a contract for purchase of the same. The City reserves the right to waive any clerical error or nonmaterial defect in the offer when it is deemed to be in the City’s best interest. The City reserves the right to cancel or reissue this Call to Artists.


The City reserves the right to alter these dates as necessary. Where non-performance is caused by usual and natural consequences of external forces such as snow/ice/rain or other force majeure, installation schedule will be adjusted accordingly.

  • Call to Mosaicists announced – 7/03/2018.
  • Unguided site inspection at Mosaicist’s schedule.
  • Offers due – 3:00 p.m. MST – 8/10/2018.
  • Awardee notified – 8/14/ 2018.
  • Notice to proceed issued – 8/14/2018.
  • Mosaic completion – 11/30/2018

WHERE TO SUBMIT PROPOSALS: Prior to the Closing Date and Time below, email a digital version of your proposal to: Mark Di Lucido (928) 213-2964
CLOSING DATE AND TIME: 3:00 p.m., August 10, 2018
QUESTIONS: Any questions must be received via email at least seven (7) calendar days prior to the Closing Date and Time.


Organization/Company: City of Flagstaff
Location: Flagstaff, AZ
Deadline: August 10, 2018
How to Apply: WHERE TO SUBMIT PROPOSALS: Prior to the Closing Date and Time below, email a digital version of your proposal to: Mark Di Lucido (928) 213-2964