Scottsdale Public Art seeks proposals for outdoor, temporary public artworks to be featured in, around, and suspended above the Arizona Canal in Scottsdale, Arizona, during Canal Convergence | Water + Art + Light. Canal Convergence will be on view for 10 days, from November 6–15, 2020. Some projects may be selected to stay installed for an additional 1–2 months after the Canal Convergence event dates.

This call is specifically targeting interactive and/or light-based installations.

Separate calls will be posted in spring 2020 for artists interested in proposing educational and hands-on workshops, dance or music performances, and other programming elements.

Canal Convergence’s mission is to provide an authentic and immersive art experience in and around the Arizona Canal in Scottsdale. All local, regional, and international artists— including architects, designers, and multimedia specialists—are invited to submit proposals for installations that take into consideration one or more of the themes below:

• Coming Together, Shared Values, and Open Dialogue: How can the artwork engage the public in a way that allows them to look past their possible differences and participate in a shared experience that focuses on connection instead of separation? See the following page for more information.
• Water + Art + Light: Does the art address the confluence of water, art, and light through placement, fabrication, conceptual content, or material use?
• Interactivity: How can the audience interact with the work?
• Day and Night: Art should have a visually appealing appearance during daytime and nighttime (nighttime preferred but daytime is a plus).
• Sustainability and Water Conservation: Does the work incorporate aspects of sustainability or water conservation? The use of solar power, biodegradable, and recycled/recyclable materials are also encouraged.

We will accept budgets between $5,000 and $30,000 (USD), with a limited number of larger budgets being awarded to major works of a larger physical scale.

To find out more information about Canal Convergence, themes for 2020, site specifications, how to apply, etc., visit and download the RFP PDF file.


Organization/Company: Scottsdale Public Art
Location: Scottsdale, AZ
Deadline: 03/20/2020
How to Apply: Submit all proposals to Jennifer Gill via email at [email protected] with the subject line “Canal Convergence 2020 Art Proposal.”

Note that each artist or team may submit up to three ideas or artworks. Please submit a separate proposal with documentation for each separate idea or artwork being proposed.

Visit and download the RFP PDF file for information on how the proposals should be formatted in order to be accepted.