Arizona is nicknamed the Copper State. The mining of copper in Arizona got seriously underway around the mid-19th century, so much so, a quarter of the population were miners. Although, Arizona now accounts for about 60% of copper production in the U.S.A., copper is not as important to the state’s economy as it once was. Over the past century, times have changed and populations have shifted and grown. Through the years, booming mines have been shuttered, the towns surrounding them abandoned. Some rising again, creatively reinvented.

COPPER STATE will provide proof that amongst the five C’s that formed the core of Arizona’s early economic success, it is COPPER, more than Climate, Cattle, Citrus, and Cotton, that has become artistic ‘ore’ for artwork, nostalgia, and inspiration.

The element copper and the minerals it plays a role in creating are filled with color and content for the artist to explore. Artists are asked to contribute works of art that reflect the importance of copper to the history, blight, and beauty of Arizona. Scratch the surface or dig deep, the possibilities are endless. Artists from the region are invited to submit 2-dimensional or 3-dimensional works in any media for consideration in this curated exhibition.


Organization/Company: Tohono Chul
Location: Tucson, AZ
Deadline: October 15, 2018
How to Apply: For the full prospectus and application guideline please visit our website: