Call for Assistance in ‘Spreading the Word’
The Arizona Dance Coalition (ADC) has begun to create a CONTACT LIST of all Arizona Dance Professionals: dancers, educators (even in public/private schools), administrators, costume designers, dance teams and their leaders, companies, directors (board and artistic), and managers of community centers and groups that offer dance. 
To be a part of this list, complete this FORM
Our goal is to conduct an Economic Impact Study on Dance Arts in Arizona for 2019. The study will only be as good as the data being provided by our dance professionals and related businesses. Hence, the need for a current and complete ‘contact list.’ We are also asking for titles/labels, zip codes and counties.
All participants will receive a 2021 Year-At-A-Glance Dance Calendar emailed the three remaining Monday mornings in November: Nov 16, 23, 30. In addition, there is a drawing each Monday for those who responded the previous week. The prize supports a local business with input from the winner! A grand prize drawing will be held during the ADC Annual Member Meeting, but the winner need not be present. The meeting will be held in December and the date will be announced soon.


Organization/Company: Arizona Dance Coalition
Location: Phoenix, AZ
How to Apply: Please help spread the word. There were 502 Dance Businesses in Arizona at the beginning of 2020. We need everyone's participation to evaluate and announce the ECONOMIC IMPACT OF DANCE ARTS IN AZ for 2019. 

If anyone has questions, please direct them to the project manager, Krystyna Parafinczuk, [email protected], (office) 520-743-1349.