The arts unify and strengthen our communities every day. They challenge us to answer the hard questions, invite us to reimagine what could be, and encourage us to make positive change.

This year, we’re asking how we can communicate, more persuasively and forcefully, the importance and value of the arts. We’re examining how we can bring the arts’ healing power and clarity to more communities, more students, and more people across the country.

Arts professionals, artists, students, and advocates, the 2018 Americans for the Arts Annual Convention is your time to come together. This June 14-17, join more than 1,000 arts leaders in Denver, CO and explore ways to inspire greater equity, access and activism in the arts!

Your 2018 Americans for the Arts Annual Convention will feature:

  • 100+ speakers at more than 30 sessions
  • 3 keynotes
  • 3 preconferences on public art, creative youth development, and equitable investment
  • 10 ARTventure ToursĀ across Denver
  • Events at top cultural venues

And more!


Organization/Company: Americans for the Arts
Location: Denver, CO
Deadline: June 14-17, 2018
How to Apply: To register, visit