In the summer of 2018, with funding support from the Arizona Communities Foundation, the staff of the Arizona Commission on the Arts commenced a renovation of the agency’s Artist Research & Development Grant. With guidance from over two dozen Arizona artists, we stripped down, simplified, and streamlined the application and review process. The result of this renovation is the 2019 Research & Development (R&D) Grant.

What is it?

R&D Grants provide up to $5,000 funding support to Arizona artists as they work to advance their artistic practice, expand their creative horizons, and deepen the impact of their work.

Who’s it for?

Artists working in any discipline who live and work in Arizona. Whether you’re just getting started or you have already experienced many career successes, the R&D Grant is available to help you take your artistic practice to the next level, including:

  • exploration of new techniques
  • experimentation with new materials or technologies
  • creation of new work
  • development of new strategies for engaging your community of practice

Visit the R&D Grant page for application guidelines, information, and resources.

What’s New?

More Grants

A new partnership between the Arizona Commission on the Arts and Arizona Community Foundation (ACF) means we will award double the number of artist grants this year, with ACF matching state funding, dollar-for-dollar!

Streamlined Application Process

From top-to-bottom, the application and review process has been totally re-imagined. Most significantly, the application process is now split into two stages so applicants don’t spend a lot of time doing unnecessary work.

2-Stage Application & Review Process

All applicants will complete Stage 1 of the application. After these materials are reviewed by a panel of independent arts professionals, applications determined to be most competitive according to evaluation criteria will move to the next stage of review.

Stage 1
Submit by November 9, 2018

Proposal: What do you want to do?
Work Samples: What have you done?

Stage 2
Submit by Feburary 7, 2019

Process Map: How will you do it?
Experience List: How have you prepared?
Expenses: How much will you need?
Budget Narrative: How will you use it?

Visit the R&D Grant page for application guidelines, information, and resources.

New Partnership, New Investment

In 2018, the Arizona Commission on the Arts and the Arizona Community Foundation (ACF) embarked upon a public-philanthropic partnership supported in part by funding from the Newton and Betty Rosenzweig Fund for the Arts, an endowment held at ACF. The collaboration aims to increase strategic investments in artists, supporting the work they do as innovators and creative contributors to Arizona’s future.

Assessing Arizona’s arts-funding landscape, ACF and the Arts Commission determined that there was a clear shortage of support for individual artists compared to other regions. Thanks to ACF’s investment, the Arts Commission will double the number of artist grants awarded annually, with ACF matching state funding, dollar-for-dollar.

Both partners believe that Arizona is home to many artists who lead with creativity, resourcefulness, and ingenuity, and that supporting their work can enhance our state’s creative capacity for years to come.

For more information, view the comprehensive partnership announcement at


Organization/Company: Arizona Commission on the Arts
Location: Statewide
Deadline: November 9, 2018
How to Apply: Visit for application instructions.