NextAZ begins with you – your voice, your values, and your imagination. You live and learn and work here. You make things happen. You build, explore, and innovate. In so many ways, you are a creative Arizonan.

So we want to know: what, or where, is your creative spark?

Your stories, talent, and dreams drive the NextAZ initiative. We want to learn from and with you. Your Creative Spark submissions help us to better understand your perspectives and aspirations, and consider changes to our service in response.

Below are just a few submissions we’ve already received. We hope you’ll share yours!

“Sandhill Crane” by Ashley Coll

I am a professional artist living in Tucson and my current work is inspired by the beauty I find in the landscape and local flora and fauna or in this case “fowla”. This is my latest painting part of a series depicting birds of Arizona.

Chris Boyd on Transforming Youth & Communities Through Art

We are constantly exploring the potential of creativity to alter the socially constructed reality of the world around us. We seek to collectively develop workshops, events, training, and opportunities to assist individuals and organizations with the process of promoting transformative change and arts based healing in the form of Socially Engaged Imagination.

“My Sekret War” by Rina Jajra

Glendale writer/actor/filmmaker Rina Hajra tells us about her first film, “My Sekret War,” a war drama set in 1990’s southeast Europe.

Elena Thornton on Advancing Community through Arts and Culture

“Arizona Consortium for the Arts, Inc. is a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit, all volunteer, community organization. The consortium’s vision is to establish a multicultural, multidisciplinary arts space/center. The center will provide a home for all activities and foster artistic growth for people of all ages through the participation in the arts.”

“Downtown Tucson Gazebo at la Placita Park” by Eric Jabloner

“From 2011 – 2014 a three year journey to document the architectural aspects of Tucson arizona. The Barrio to its landmarks. The joy of also inspiring other Tucson artists to do the same.”

“Driving by the fence in Agua Prieta” by M. Jenea Sanchez

“Creativity is always present in this place and it’s beautiful to witness the will of the artist claim this highly politicized border as a site for art practice.”

“Today” by Nadine Bobo

Nadine Bobo of Glendale shares a poem called “Today.”

“Hayden Flour Mill” by Ralph Michael Brekan

“Hand-crafted from color theatrical gels and coated in polymer resin, this one-of-a-kind cut and paste collage-painting is the latest fare from American Pop Artist Ralph Michael Brekan.”

“Thunder On The Mountain” by Jay Beckman

“Aviation has played and continues to play a large role in Arizona’s economy and documenting flight in the southwest is my creative spark.”

“Raven Steals the Sun” by Tom Williams

“I play with fire so hot it can melt metal, electricity with enough voltage to start Frankenstein’s heart, light so bright it can burn your eyes. Sparks fly, motors whine. Bam! Bam! Bam! The hammer falls. Sweat pours off my forehead, hot embers singe my skin, my back aches, and I love it! I may not be a super hero; I am better. I am an ARTIST!”