Arizona Commission on the Arts Staff

Executive and Administrative

Robert C. Booker Robert C. Booker
Executive Director
(602) 771-6501
Jaime Dempsey Jaime Dempsey
Deputy Director
(602) 771-6520
Kim McCreary Kim McCreary
Fiscal Office Manager
(602) 771-6533
Diana Udy Diana Udy
Executive Assistant and Human Resources Generalist
(602) 771-6534


Steve Wilcox Steve Wilcox
Communications and Research Director
(602) 771-6536
Stacey Wong Stacey Wong
Public Relations Coordinator
(602) 771-6527

Grants and Programs

Kristen Pierce Kristen Pierce
Organizational Services Coordinator
(602) 771-6517
Casandra Hernandez Casandra Hernandez
Artist Programs and Career Services Coordinator
(602) 771-6530
Ginny Berryhill Ginny Berryhill
Grants and Information Technology Manager
(602) 771-6528
Ben Watters Ben Watters
Grants and Operations Coordinator
(602) 771-6532

Arts Learning

Alex Nelson Alex Nelson
Director of Arts Learning
(602) 771-6521
Patrick Fanning Patrick Fanning
Arts Learning and Special Projects Coordinator
(602) 771-6529